Power XL Air Fryer Review

There are plenty of reasons to give Power XL Air Fryer a shot.

Don’t you wish to be able to enjoy fried food without it being a threat to your health and body shape?

With Power XL Air Fryer, you can fry your favorite foods without the excessive amount of oil. It is also versatile and extremely easy to use. 

Power XL Air Fryer Competitive Features

The new frying technology which makes the Power AirFryer XL stand out is the Power AirFryer XL Rapid Air Technology. Thanks to this specific technology, you aren’t bound to use any oil, as opposed to a deep fryer. The Turbo Cyclonic Air surrounds the food and cooks it evenly, and in a healthy manner.

This healthy fryer produces the same taste with fewer calories. What you can expect from Power AirFryer XL are delicious, yet healthy, chicken wings, french fries, as well as healthy chips.

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Is it too demanding to make perfect chicken wings with your regular deep fryer? How hard is it to make french fries just as crispy as you want them?

Power AirFryer XL has 7 preset programs for different types of food. Also, there is a digital timer with automatic shut off feature. This setting ensures that there will be no overcooking with your Power AirFryer XL.

What you may have noticed in an AirFryer XL commercial is the one-touch easy digital screen. It allows absolute control of temperature, and all the other settings. Another setting which takes care of your safety is the cool to the touch, easy-grip handle of the Power AirFryer XL.

The 7 pre-sets of the Power AirFryer XL make the cooking process as simple as it gets. Choose between the french fries, chicken, steak, roasts, baked goods, or shrimp. Make healthy fresh chips, or crispy chicken wings, in your own kitchen.

Power AirFryer VS. AirWave Fryer

Many reviews compare the Power AirFryer XL against the AirWave Fryer. Both the Power AirFryer XL and the AirWave use heated air to cook chicken wings, french fries and other meals.

The design of the Power AirFryer XL seems to be more modern and applicable to different kitchens. Not only does it come in two colors, but also in different sizes, to fit your kitchen counter. Aside from this advantage, the reviews state that the digital screen with 7 programs is the biggest update.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the Power AirFryer XL takes the win.

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Looking for More Power AirFryer XL Recipes?

What makes or breaks the decision about buying a certain kitchen device is mainly versatility. If you’re looking for an air fryer which you’ll be able to use for different kinds of meals, Power AirFryer XL is the answer.

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The manufacturer’s website offers a variety of recipes you can easily make with your Power AirFryer XL. Not only can you make chicken wings, french fries, and healthy chips; but many other meals, as well. Make roasted chicken, mozzarella sticks, or breath-taking donuts.

Keep in mind that all these meals can be prepared with no oil, or just a tad bit of it. Therefore, you’ll enjoy your favorite food without the feeling of guilt.

Power XL Air Fryer Best Specifications

Size & Settings

This particular Power AirFryer XL weights 15.8 pounds. Its dimensions are as follows: 14 x 13.9 x 12.8 inches.

When it comes to settings, there are 7 preset programs for different kinds of food. You can simply choose the setting to make either chicken wings, healthy chips, or french fries. The versatility of the cooking settings is highly praised in reviews.

Not only do you not have to worry about overcooking your chicken wings or healthy chips, you can also make many other meals.

The touch screen display is another favorite in reviews. You can easily manage and change the temperature to your liking.

Wattage & Capacity

The 5.4 QT size of this model is more than enough for an average kitchen. The capacity allows making servings for 4-6 people at once. As for the wattage, the power of this device doesn’t disappoint, as it stands at 1,700 watts.


There’s a number of accessories to buy with your air fryer. First of all, the power air frying cookbook will definitely come in handy. You can also buy a fry basket, for a larger amount of chicken wings or other foods to fry.

The accessory kit, basket insert, pizza pan, as well as tongs, are also available. You can find them on Amazon.

How Does It Work ?

Power XL Air Fryer Warranty

It is only natural to be curious about the product warranty before buying it. The manufacturer’s warranty, as found on Amazon, lasts for 60 days.

It protects you only in the case of defects regarding the material and workmanship.

Power XL Air Fryer Reviews & Ratings

The Amazon rating may not be very convincing. Some of the customers say that they only use it for chicken wings. Other greatly praise its overall performance.

There are also complaints regarding the noise it makes. On the other hand, a number of customers love it for everyday use.

Always keep in mind that customers will rate the product according to their personal experience. Sometimes, they’ll expect much more than what the product offers. Not having their unrealistic expectations fulfilled will result in a bad review.

As for the manufacturer’s website, the customers prefer the chicken wings there, too. The product is among favorite kitchen devices for many customers.

The users notice that their food tastes just as rich as the one from restaurants. Of course, the difference in calories and nutritive value is game-changing.

Power XL Air Fryer Pros & Cons

To sum up the overall impression and help you get a clearer picture, we’ll proceed to pros & cons. Generally speaking, the product offers great versatility, and a healthier diet.

However, there are also some downfalls to consider before making the decision. Here, we will focus on facts, rather than customers’ reviews, which can be deceiving.

  • Power XL Air Fryer is easy and quick to heat up: since there is no oil, you don’t have to wait for it to heat up; ready to use in no time
  • Versatile: you can make various meals, not only fried food; you can also bake and try many other cooking techniques
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use: a number of settings and preset programs for different mealsTouch screen for easy management and monitoring of the cooking process; no need to check on food since the monitor gives all the information
  • Gives the opportunity of healthy eating and cooking: less calories, less to no oil usage; better for your health and your body shape; since there is no oil, it is also a cheaper option than deep frying
  • Automatic shutoff option when it opens: a great feature for your safety, as well as the handle which stays cool during the cooking process
  • The warranty lasts only up to 60 days, which may not be enough
  • Power XL Air Fryer design meets the north american standards, which means that it is meant for the us & canada households only
  • The temperature cannot exceed 400˚

Our Power XL Air Fryer Review Conclusion

Power XL is an air fryer as seen on TV. It will deliver in all fields, regardless of the type of food you’re looking to prepare. Not only is its performance with various ingredients unmatchable, but it is also health-preserving.

Being negligent about your health can’t go on any longer. If there’s an alternative which can give you identical, or even better results than frying, why not give it a try? The valuable nutritive ingredients will still be present, as well as the fullness of the taste.

Imagine being able to have hot chicken wings, or french fries, any time you want? Not only will they be ready in a matter of minutes, but they will no longer be a guilty pleasure.

However, if you want to fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat, the Philips XL Airfryer, Gowise USA Air Fryer or Philips Viva Airfryer, T-Fal ActiFry or Big Boss Oil-less Fryer may be a better option for you.

Are you looking for a replacement for your deep fryer? Do you own a Power XL AirFryer? Is it able to satisfy your needs? Can you sense a relevant difference between the regular fried food and the one from an air fryer?

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments, especially if you’re familiar with the Power AirFryer XL.

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  • I just returned my air fryer because the copper coating started to flake off I had only had it a month. I love the way it cooks. When I receive my replacement what can I do to prevent this from happening again?

    • Hi Cookie

      Unfortunately, this is one downside of this great airfryer. The product itself is amazing but the coating may peel off. This may be due to the incidental touching or scratching of the coating. During the cleaning have you used harsh cleaning tools ? Or have you scratched the coating accidentally while inserting the basket?
      I want to let you know that this should not be harmful as all materials used have been developed for being food-safe. To be 100% sure, I would advice you to reach their customer support to confirm my words.

  • I will not buy this air fryer and my reasons are.
    1. Was promised 3 weeks but waited much longer.
    2. The basket does not want to close after heating up. Every time I took out the basket I need to wait more than 3 min to put the basket back. The lamb chops took me nearly an hour.
    3. I called them and the one guy said that I cannot get my money back and the other said he will refund me.
    4. They want the fryer back and you need to pay for the shipping which cost me $31.00 to send it to them, which I think is ridiculous because It is not my fault that the basket expand when frying.

    • Hi Rainier

      I understand that you can feel desappointed. This is the first time I hear about this problem however.

      Regarding after sales service, have you bought your air fryer on Amazon ? It is sometimes easier to buy a product on Amazon because Amazon is then your seller. Regarding warranty issues, refund or replacement of products, they are your key contact. I can guarantee that amazon is responsive to the problems of its customers.

      Let me know if you sent your air fryer back and if you had it repaired.

  • I cooked fish in it and now is stinking up the shole house with a fish smell. Is there a replacement air filter or a replacement period? I cannot believe that this is the end to using it. Please help.

    I can return item to the website, I do not have my receipt. Now what do I do???

    • Hi Erin
      I am sorry about your fish smell problem. Where have you bought your Power XL Air Fryer ? If you bought it on Amazon, you don't have to produce your receipt. I hope my answer doesn't come too late !

  • I purchased the Power Air Fryer XL at Sam's Club. I like the results, food is crispy and well cooked. The outer basket is difficult to insert, doesn't matter if it is hot or cold. The unit is frustrating to use, and I'm thinking about returning it.