Power XL Air Fryer Review

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  • I just returned my air fryer because the copper coating started to flake off I had only had it a month. I love the way it cooks. When I receive my replacement what can I do to prevent this from happening again?

    • Hi Cookie

      Unfortunately, this is one downside of this great airfryer. The product itself is amazing but the coating may peel off. This may be due to the incidental touching or scratching of the coating. During the cleaning have you used harsh cleaning tools ? Or have you scratched the coating accidentally while inserting the basket?
      I want to let you know that this should not be harmful as all materials used have been developed for being food-safe. To be 100% sure, I would advice you to reach their customer support to confirm my words.

  • I will not buy this air fryer and my reasons are.
    1. Was promised 3 weeks but waited much longer.
    2. The basket does not want to close after heating up. Every time I took out the basket I need to wait more than 3 min to put the basket back. The lamb chops took me nearly an hour.
    3. I called them and the one guy said that I cannot get my money back and the other said he will refund me.
    4. They want the fryer back and you need to pay for the shipping which cost me $31.00 to send it to them, which I think is ridiculous because It is not my fault that the basket expand when frying.

    • Hi Rainier

      I understand that you can feel desappointed. This is the first time I hear about this problem however.

      Regarding after sales service, have you bought your air fryer on Amazon ? It is sometimes easier to buy a product on Amazon because Amazon is then your seller. Regarding warranty issues, refund or replacement of products, they are your key contact. I can guarantee that amazon is responsive to the problems of its customers.

      Let me know if you sent your air fryer back and if you had it repaired.

  • I cooked fish in it and now is stinking up the shole house with a fish smell. Is there a replacement air filter or a replacement period? I cannot believe that this is the end to using it. Please help.

    I can return item to the website, I do not have my receipt. Now what do I do???

    • Hi Erin
      I am sorry about your fish smell problem. Where have you bought your Power XL Air Fryer ? If you bought it on Amazon, you don't have to produce your receipt. I hope my answer doesn't come too late !

  • I purchased the Power Air Fryer XL at Sam's Club. I like the results, food is crispy and well cooked. The outer basket is difficult to insert, doesn't matter if it is hot or cold. The unit is frustrating to use, and I'm thinking about returning it.