Best Portable Electric Stoves of 2021

By Heloise Blause Updated June 30, 2021

Cook up a storm in your kitchen, bedroom, or anywhere else you please.

Best Portable Electric Stoves of 2021

Unfortunately, sometimes kitchens lack a stove, or you’re trapped in a kitchen-free college dorm—or perhaps you want to cook on the go.

Thankfully, almost everything is portable these days: computers, DVD players, phones, and now, even kitchenware. However, since kitchenware has such a special job, you want to ensure it’s top-quality and feature-packed.

We’ve put together a list of features you should look for in a portable electric stove, so you get the best product, best use, and best results.

Our Top Picks

Portable Electric Stoves of 2021 
Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner, Temperature Controls, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Single, BlackBest Lightweight

Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner

Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner, Temperature Controls, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Single, Black

  • Power indicator light.

  • Non-slip feet.

  • Fast, even heating on a cast iron plate.

Cusimax Hot Plate Electric Burner Single Burner Cast Iron hot plates for cooking Portable Burner 1500W with Adjustable Temperature Control Stainless Steel Non-Slip Rubber Feet, Upgraded VersionBest Heat Setting Options

Cusimax Hot Plate Electric Burner

Cusimax Hot Plate Electric Burner Single Burner Cast Iron hot plates for cooking Portable Burner 1500W with Adjustable Temperature Control Stainless Steel Non-Slip Rubber Feet, Upgraded Version

  • Handle large pots and pans.

  • Heats and cools quickly.

  • Suitable for office use.

Ovente 1000W Single Hot Plate Electric Countertop Infrared Stove 7.5 Inch with 6 Level Temperature Control & Stainless Steel Base, Easy Clean Portable Cooktop Burner for Cook & Camp, Silver BGI201SBest for Induction Cookware

Ovente 1000W Single Hot Plate

Ovente 1000W Single Hot Plate Electric Countertop Infrared Stove 7.5 Inch with 6 Level Temperature Control & Stainless Steel Base, Easy Clean Portable Cooktop Burner for Cook & Camp, Silver BGI201S

  • Amazingly lightweight.

  • No cold spots and even heating.

  • Works with induction cookware

CUKOR Electric Hot Plate, 1800W Portable Electric Stove,Infrared Double Burner,Heat-up In Seconds,7.1 Inch Ceramic Glass Double Hot Plate Cooktop for Dorm Office Home Camp, Compatible w/All CookwareBest Double Burner

CUKOR Electric Hot Plate

CUKOR Electric Hot Plate, 1800W Portable Electric Stove,Infrared Double Burner,Heat-up In Seconds,7.1 Inch Ceramic Glass Double Hot Plate Cooktop for Dorm Office Home Camp, Compatible w/All Cookware

  • Can handle large pots.

  • Cools down relatively fast.

IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner 1100-Watts, BlackBest Coil Cooker

IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner

IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner 1100-Watts, Black

  • Great for use in an emergency.

  • Low price.

  • Heats up fast.

Cusimax Portable Electric Stove, 1800W Infrared Double Burner Heat-up In Seconds, 7 Inch Ceramic Glass Double Hot Plate Cooktop for Dorm Office Home Camp, Compatible w/All Cookware - Upgraded VersionBest for Quick Heating

Cusimax Portable Electric Stove

Cusimax Portable Electric Stove, 1800W Infrared Double Burner Heat-up In Seconds, 7 Inch Ceramic Glass Double Hot Plate Cooktop for Dorm Office Home Camp, Compatible w/All Cookware - Upgraded Version

  • Heats up quickly.

  • Same-size burners.

What Is a Portable Stove?

A portable stove is also called a hotplate. It’s not on top of an oven as many burners often are, and it’s not full-size either. Usually, it’s just one or two burners on some metal casing that houses the wiring and heating elements.

It’s basically a stove toned down and made portable, exactly as it sounds. They’re usually utilized by people without a stovetop, who wish to cook while traveling, or who need a way to cook while camping.

Occasionally they can be used if your regular stove doesn’t have enough burners—big dinner parties with lots of ingredients and fussy guests, anyone?

Are Electric Hot Plates Safe?

First and foremost, you should know that electric hotplates are perfectly safe. They’re no more dangerous than a regular stove, depending on where you put them.

It’s possible to place a portable electric stove on any surface, high or low, and if it has the appropriate base, it should stick to it regardless of how slippery it is. Although sometimes, especially with cheaper plates, the casing gets quite hot and might damage wood or set fire to fabric surfaces.

If you want to have the safest experience possible, use your hotplate on a high surface on top of something tile, glass or marble.

Check the plug is in good shape before each use, and wait for the hot plate to cool all over completely before putting it away.

How To Choose a Portable Electric Stove

There are a few key features to look for when shopping for a portable electric stove that can make or break your experience and convenience. Let’s take a quick look at what you should be mindful of.

burner icon

Counter Burner Number

Most portable electric stoves will have one or two burners, with some boasting more.

For people living alone who cook and heat simple meals, then one burner should be enough. It takes up less space when stowed away, too. If you live in a small apartment, dormitory or a kitchen share, then you may also want to consider a single burner.

On the other hand, double burners are there for people who like to get more creative with their cooking. Maybe you’re making pasta and homemade sauce rather than dumping that jar sauce into one pot. Or, maybe you’re cooking for your spouse who’s having rice while you’re having pasta. Double burners are useful here.

Keep in mind, you’ll need a large surface to use a double burner and more room to stow it away when you’re done.

wattage icon


Wattage is quite a complex topic to go into, so basically, we’ll say this: the higher the wattage, the faster your food will cook if your stove is high-quality.

The most you have to worry about here is plugging it in. Wall sockets will be able to handle most wattages, but if you’re using an extension cable, figure out how much it can handle first.

You should also be mindful of how many other appliances you have plugged in nearby. Too many appliances, plus a high-wattage stove, is a recipe for possible short-outs and electrical risks, such as overheating.(1)

Lastly, note that the wattage provided is often for the overall unit and not per-burner, so the “higher wattage, faster cooking” aspect doesn’t hold true. For example, an 1800-watt stove may only have 700–900 watts working per burner, and sometimes it shows by means of poor performance.

Compatibility icon


What type of cookware do you have? Stainless steel? Cast iron? Aluminum?

Most people will say stainless steel, ceramic or cast iron, which is fine. Cast iron and the rest of the cookware can work on most stoves, so you don’t have to worry. You should, however, be more worried if you have induction cookware.

Induction cookware requires a special type of stovetop to work, an induction burner, so always check what kind of cookware your stove can deal with. Truthfully, most won’t work for induction, so consider changing out your cookware before you go stove-hunting.

When you do find a portable infrared burner, however, they’re fantastic but not quite classic. Instead, they cook using infrared heat, which works on all cookware and not just induction. Many regular induction stoves will only work with metal cookware like stainless steel, giving these portable ones a mighty bonus.

lightweight icon


Weight contributes to a stove’s overall portability. If it’s too heavy, it’ll be a nightmare to bring in a suitcase or even move around by hand. It’ll also be difficult to store if your living conditions are less than perfect and you have flimsy shelves.

Look for something lightweight but not too light—we’re talking about a pound here—because that’s a sign of light, cheap components. We don’t recommend going any lighter than 2.5–3 pounds with your stove.

On the heavier end of the scale, definitely never go over 10 pounds and try to stay as far under that as you can. The stove may still be portable at that weight, but is it really worth it?

hob icon

Hob Size

Most people won’t need a huge hob size as you’re most likely cooking just for yourself and maybe a roommate or spouse. So, you’re mainly cooking single, double, maybe triple servings.

Portable electric stoves aren’t huge, but they can vary by size. Ensure you get one large enough for your cooking needs, which for most people, won’t be huge. Bigger hobs will often cost more.

It’s worth giving your pots a quick measure to figure out the diameter of your largest pot’s base. Measure that up against whatever stove you’re looking at. If you make your choice and one day find you need to fit a larger pot on your stove, consider a deep pot rather than one with a large diameter.

As a guideline, most of the burners below work with pots up to 7 inches. A few work with larger, but they don’t work at their best. With larger cookware, you’ll have some overflow on the sides, so the edges of your food will be colder than the areas directly on top of the burners.

settings icon


Most people will only need low, medium, and high-temperature control settings, and thankfully, most stoves have these. Some may have three to five additional heat settings between those labels, so you get more control and superior simmer control when you’re cooking.

Don’t go for a stove with fewer than the bare minimum of the low, medium, and high. Burners without temperature labels but with a free-to-turn dial work too, so long as you have time to experiment with where the three settings named above are generally placed on this label-free knob.

After ensuring your stove has that, you can consider something with extra settings if you need or like the sound of it.

For example, one common extra temperature control setting is a “warm” mode. It’s lower than low, so it won’t overcook your food, but it can keep it warm—almost like how you’d keep food in a warm oven to keep the temperature of it up and ready to eat.

The “warm” setting is excellent for a college student who cooks on their study break, then intends to eat on their next break. It’s also great if you’re not sure if you want seconds, but you wish to keep your food warm just in case. There are tons of more scenarios where it’d be useful, too!

power icon


Most portable electric stoves are powered via a plug, but on a rare occasion, you might find one battery-powered.

The stoves we’re looking at today are all plug-powered, mainly because it’s more efficient and costs less over time—battery prices aren’t that low, and buying new ones often can be costly. Plus, you’ll likely have to change the batteries often as portable electric stoves demand a ton of energy and will drain any battery fast.

If you want a portable stove you don’t have to plug in, then your best bet is a gas stove. A gas stove is easier to power than batteries and is often more powerful than a battery-operated stove.

Best Portable Electric Stove Reviews Of 2021

1. Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner

Starting off, we’re going in with a highly affordable cast iron countertop burner stove, which is a huge plus for college students and people who won’t use this very often.

Thankfully, despite the low price, the stove doesn’t seem to be missing any quality.

The stainless steel and cast iron single-burner 9 by 9-inch stove is ultra-portable and has four heat settings, including “warm,” which keeps your food toasty until you can get to it. This is excellent if you don’t have an oven to keep things warm in, and can’t eat until you finish this or that task.

Should you ever forget to switch the single burner countertop burner off, there’s an indicator light that will remind you of that every time you look at it. Just switch it off and move it away by touching the cool bottom if needed, letting the heavy-duty cast iron plate cool down too.

When done or in use, place this stainless steel countertop burner anywhere, and it should perform well. The little feet prevent slippage, so you can cook quickly and efficiently on the electric burner wherever you are. And, with 1,000 watts of power, it will be fast.

Customers report speedy cooking and say that the plate heats quickly and evenly, with excellent temperature control. The cast iron burner worked great for them, and they highly recommend it.

That said, they did find that the casing heats up quickly and can damage wooden surfaces, so we don’t recommend using this cast iron burner on a desk if you’re in college or something similar.


  • Fast, even heating on a cast iron plate.

  • Cooks food quickly with lots of power.

  • Power indicator light.

  • Non-slip feet.

  • Highly portable.


  • May burn wooden surfaces.

Additional Specs

Burner plates Single burner
Wattage 1,000 watts
Compatibility Everything except induction cookware.
Weight 3.5 pounds.
Hob size 5.75 inches diameter.
Settings Warn, low, medium, high, with one to five heat variants in them.

2. Cusimax Hot Plate Electric Burner

If you want something with more heat settings, here’s a stove to peruse. It’s slightly more premium, so it packs in two dials, one of which has seven heat settings on it.

There’s also a setting for keeping food warm rather than cooking it.

The hotplate consists of a single, large burner on top of the sleek casing, excellent for a more upscale look if you plan to use this in a chic office or apartment where you need your gear to blend in with the rest of the decor.

Regardless of where you use it, it should fit into the environment as it’s not overly large, but the electric burner is amply so. At just over 7 inches in diameter, it should be able to take on any size pot or pan, including a large wok.

This electric stove should also be able to take on any hardship. Being a mix of cast iron (burner) and stainless steel (body), it’s a sturdy stove that hopefully can withstand some hardship.

Don’t we all accidentally bang things against cupboards when trying to stow them away? In fact, the manufacturers built it to withstand frequent or harsh use.

If you find any of its promises go unfulfilled, you return the stove completely guilt-free for 30 days. Although based on how customers say it’s soundless, cools quickly and heats fast too, you probably won’t have any issues.

When issues are present, they’re minimal. A common complaint is that the knobs get hot while it’s in use, but some oven gloves can fix that.

Another complaint fixed by gloves, users report that the stove overall gets too hot—so you’d best prepare to burn some food early on before you figure out the best temperature control settings to use.


  • Can handle large pots and pans.

  • Built to be deliberately durable and withstand lots of use and a few hits.

  • Chic look that’s suitable for office use.

  • Heats and cools quickly compared to some other burners on the market.


  • It gets very hot, hotter than most stoves.

  • Dials get hot while in use.

Additional Specs

Burner plates Single burner
Wattage 1,500 watts
Compatibility Everything except induction cookware.
Weight 5.67 pounds.
Hob size 7.4 inches.
Settings Warm and seven temperature settings.

3. Ovente 1000W Single Hot Plate

Here’s a stovetop for those of you who prefer induction cookware—except this little hot plate has a huge advantage over your typical induction cooktop countertop burner: it works with all cookware. Stainless steel, cast iron, and beyond.

With 1,000 watts, you can expect all of your cookware to heat fast, under the infrared tech that’s made to heat your food evenly in pots and pans up to 7 inches in diameter.

This should be enough to handle most cookware, and like we said earlier if you need to cook more then get a deeper pot.

Once on the Ovente countertop burner, you’ll have four temperature control settings to choose from as you cook your food. Unfortunately, this stove doesn’t have a “warm” setting like the two burners above, but it’s great for cooking and only cooking.

It’s also a great plate if you want to cook on the road or you dislike dealing with heavy objects. It’s incredibly lightweight at just over 2.5 pounds, so it should be no problem to transport or store on a shelf.

Users report that the unit works well, despite the minor flaws that only require a little caution to fix. The first flaw is how the entire unit heats up, not just the hob—so wear gloves or have some kind of towel nearby to protect your hands when adjusting the temperature.

You also need to be mindful of not being too aggressive with the pot or pan when cooking, from light aluminum to heavy cast iron. Hold the handle while stirring, and try not to accidentally knock against the handle when moving around the kitchen.

The hob’s glass surface is incredibly slippery, and the slightest touch can send your food sliding to the floor. While most users were able to work around this, it was a fatal flaw for others.


  • Works with induction cookware.

  • Amazingly lightweight.

  • No cold spots and even heating.

  • Decent number of temperature settings.


  • Slippery surface makes it easy to knock food down.

  • The entire unit gets hot while in use, please wear gloves.

Additional Specs

Burner plates Single burner
Wattage 1,000 watts
Compatibility All cookware.
Weight 2.6 pounds.
Hob size 7 inches.
Settings Four.

4. CUKOR Electric Hot Plate

If you’re in need of a double-burner electric stove, here’s a pick for you.

Like the last electric burner and other induction cooktop countertop burner models, it can handle induction cookware, but it’s a little slower.

Users report that it takes about 8 minutes to boil water in any type of cookware, on the highest setting.

Don’t mind that? Then wonderful, it could definitely be the burner you’re looking for as the rest of its components are top-notch.

For example, users praise its incredible simmer control and say it can work for any type of cooking without compromising on food quality.

It does this over two hobs that aren’t too different in size, and they each have their own temperature control knob, so you’re not stuck cooking two identical dishes at once.

There’s also ample space between the burners in case you have any wide pots that overflow the burner.

Despite being able to do big things for your cooking, the stove itself is quite small. It’s lightweight at only 6 pounds, and it’s very thin, so you can store it on its side at the back of any cupboard without even noticing it’s there.

You can stow the double burner away about 20 minutes after use, after giving it a quick wash down if you like. Keep in mind, there may be some discoloration around the burners after several uses, and that won’t wash off.

Also, be aware that despite the manufacturer claiming otherwise, the entire unit gets hot in use. You want to ensure it’s cool all over before you attempt washing and storage.


  • Can handle large pots.

  • Two burners for double convenience.

  • Works with induction cookware.

  • Cools down relatively fast.


  • Takes a long time to boil, according to customers.

  • Discoloration after several uses.

Additional Specs

Burner plates Double countertop burners.
Wattage 1800 watts, or 900 watts each.
Compatibility All, including induction.
Weight 6 pounds.
Hob size Largest is 7.1 inches in diameter.
Settings At least seven.

5. IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner

Is a coil cooker more your thing after the countertop burners above? This aluminum coil cooker hot plate might be the one for you, with the bonus of being our budget pick, too.

It’s only a single burner, and it doesn’t have many temperature control settings, but it gets the job done when there’s nothing else to do it.

Now, being the budget buy means it’s a good, basic tool but not the best performing electric burner.

For example, where you can place a slow-cooker on a regular stove and leave it on for hours, you can’t use the IMUSA for more than 60 minutes every two hours.

As far as features and benefits go, there aren’t many. This is a truly simple little thing that doesn’t put on a show but won’t leave your dinner raw or have it burning.

The drip tray handles condensation, the temperature control knob is easy to use despite not having named settings, and the unit gets hot enough to cook on.

It also has its drawbacks. For example, it’s slightly unstable, so pots may slide off it easily. Be sure the handles aren’t in a position where you can accidentally bang against them. Also, always hold the handles while you stir your food.

Be careful not to allow too much dripping outside of condensation or water, too, as it’s an incredibly difficult hot plate to clean. Users describe it as cumbersome, if not impossible, and state they’ve never gotten it evenly clean.

For the most part, users don’t have complaints, just warnings. They say it’s more for temporary use and would be good for camping, RV travel, or an emergency while your stove is broken and the new one doesn’t arrive for a few weeks.

The customers say that you get what you pay for is true with this item—it’s okay, it’s not marvelous.


  • Great for use in an emergency.

  • Low price.

  • Heats up fast.

  • Highly portable.

  • Works with most cookware.


  • Uneven burner.

  • Difficult to clean.

Additional Specs

Burner plates Single burner
Wattage 1,100 watts
Compatibility All except induction.
Weight 1.9 pounds.
Hob size Compatible with 8-inch pots.
Settings Unnamed, basic temperature control.

6. Cusimax Portable Electric Stove

Each hot plate above is excellent for heating quickly, even if some of them boil water slowly.

The manufacturer and customers alike state that this one, however, is the best for fast heating.

Outside of its quick heating, it’s a quite unremarkable stainless steel hot plate.

It’s very similar to the two induction-compatible stoves earlier, so it’s not tremendously special, but it does have its benefits for those who disliked the others.

The main difference between this double burner countertop burner and the earlier burners is that this one’s two burners are the same size, 7 inches apiece, with eight temperature settings each.

Outside of that, you’re getting compatibility with all cookware from stainless steel to cast iron, even heating, soundless operation, and fantastic control. It’s highly powerful too and can handle deep-frying well, along with all other types of cooking, so users are quite satisfied.

This double burner has its downsides, though. Users report that it lasts less than a year, mostly because the coating on the glass surface chips off even with smooth cleaning. Other users report that it stops working entirely, glass aside, after around 12 months.

The other main complaint about the double burner that the housing is impossible to touch during use as it gets far too hot, which seems to be a theme with these burners. Using oven gloves can combat this, but it’s still not what you’d expect of such pricey and high-quality cookware.

Overall, it gets the job done on two even burners, but it doesn’t stand out from the crowd for any special feature or extreme durability.


  • Heats up quickly.

  • Same-size burners.

  • Lots of temperature controls per burner.

  • Plenty of working rooms as it’s long.


  • The whole unit heats up quickly.

  • Only lasts a year.

Additional Specs

Burner plates Double countertop burners.
Wattage 1,800 watts
Compatibility All cookware, including induction.
Weight 7 pounds.
Hob size 7 inches.
Settings Eight heat settings per hob.

Detailed Comparison Chart

Elite GourmetSingle burner1,000 watts3.5 pounds. 5.75 inches
Cusimax Hot Plate Electric BurnerSingle burner1,500 watts5.67 pounds. 7.4 inches
Ovente 1000W Single Hot PlateSingle burner1,000 watts2.6 pounds. 7 inches
CUKOR Electric Hot PlateDouble countertop burners900 watts6 pounds. 7.1 inches
IMUSA USA GAU-80305Single burner1,100 watts1.9 pounds. 8-inch pots
Cusimax Portable Electric StoveDouble countertop burners.1800 watts7 pounds. 7 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Portable Electric Stoves Save On Electricity ?

Some portable electric stoves can save electricity, but it depends on how you use them. If you plan on keeping your portable stove out and plugged in all the time, then you’ll use about the same amount of electricity as an ordinary stove, which is usually difficult to plug out.

Plug the portable stove out when you’re not using it and you’ll probably save at least a little electricity.

Are Electric Stoves Better Than Gas Ones?

It depends on our preference and your outlook on what “better” means, but generally, electric stoves are better safety-wise. With a gas stove, you run the risk of a gas leak, of accidentally turning on but not lighting the gas, and more.

Electric stoves also cost less to keep going, you can clean them with more ease, and there’s almost always an outlet to use them within an emergency.

That said, gas stoves have a few advantages too:

  • You can use them when the electricity goes out.
  • The bare flame cooks things faster.
  • You can roast things over the open flame.

It’s really about preferences and values here.

The Hot Plate Spins

There are several groups that need to cook on the go, and a portable electric stove or hot plate is the best thing for it to provide high-quality meals. The best electric burner is the single burner Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner. The mixture of it being highly affordable with several heat options and a warming setting sealed the deal.

This stainless steel and cast iron single burner encompass everything you need in a single burner hot plate, without unnecessary frills. It’s highly suited to handle any and all of your cooking needs.

Elite’s countertop burner only has one downside. The downside of the single burner is that it works with most cookware material—stainless steel, ceramic, cast iron, and so on. However, it’s not an induction cooktop countertop burner.

Feel free to share what you think of these burners in the comment, and if you liked the article, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends. Who knows, some of them may be in the market for a portable stove, too.

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