How to Get Perfectly Fried Chicken Wings

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Chicken wings are one of the most popular and delicious foods around the world, and don’t get us started on how big of a comfort food it is too! And if you cook the perfectly fried chicken wing, you’ll soon be in savory heaven.

Plus, it’s delicious, protein-packed, and nutritious in many ways.

During this article, were going to discuss how to get the perfectly fried, cooked and crispy chicken wings. The best you’ll ever make!

Why did you want to know how to fry the perfect chicken wings?

Fry The Perfect Chicken Wings

Well, that’s very simple! Because nobody likes overcooked or undercooked chicken wings. The perfect wing is not only jam-packed with delicious savory flavoring, but it also has the perfect amount of crisp and crunchiness. The amount of oil on it should not be too overwhelming and the meat should feel perfectly cooked, not too hard, too soft, or too pink.

It might seem complicated and it’s very likely that our mothers and grandmothers knew how to fry the perfect wing right off the bat, but sometimes, it doesn’t hurt to have a bit more knowledge about frying a delightful wing.

So let’s dive in!

What is the best temperature to fry chicken?

Chicken wings

When frying any piece of chicken, the oil’s temperature is very important. The oil’s temperature should range from 350°F to 375°F. Careful though, depending on the type of oil you use, it can burn or smoke at higher temps. The best way to know which oil is the best is to try a few kinds and determine what works best for you.

Don’t forget that the temperature will lower once the chicken is dropped into the oil. So having a good, high temperature, to begin with, is optimal to gain a crispy, well-cooked wing.

What are the best oils to fry chicken wings?


You’ll need to try a few to make sure, however, you may consider a few factors:

Oil’s high smoke point:

Some oils tend to smoke even under 400°F. Due to this, if you are cooking chicken wings at 375° F you’ll surely hit the smoking point and maybe even set off the fire alarm in your house.

Smoking oil will also affect the taste of the chicken in a negative way.

The oil you choose can affect the flavors:


This might seem like a myth, but it’s actually true. Some oils have stronger flavors and this naturally transfers to your chicken wings. It might affect the flavor you’re looking to accomplish in an undesirable way.

In our opinion, the best oil for frying your chicken wings is peanut oil. It has a high smoking point and doesn’t transfer any flavoring to the wings. You can also go for vegetable shortening or lard too.

For how long should you fry a chicken wing?


Fry Chicken

Once you’ve reached 375°F, deep fry them for about 10 minutes. Make sure you check the largest wings for doneness and use it as a reference for the smaller ones.

You’ll notice the chicken wing is done when you notice clear juices and a tender, nice white meat is underneath the skin. That’s when you’ll know they’re ready to be taken out of the fryer.

How to know when the chicken wings are fully cooked and done?


This is the moment of truth. Nonetheless, the best way to determine when the wings are done is to inspect the largest wing being fried. It’s pretty logical since the largest piece will naturally take the longest to cook through.

Find the largest piece and cut it open – careful it’s VERY HOT!

Be very cautious and don’t ever put your eyes over the piece as steam can be released and go straight into your eyes, causing injuries.

Once the piece is cut open, check if the juices are clear. If you notice any redness in the meat, make sure you cook it a bit longer. In contrast to beef, which can be served rare, chicken blood should not by any means be ingested. It can cause severe sicknesses if it is.

How to perfectly fried breaded chicken pieces:


Chicken Wing Tips

If you want to bread your chicken wings before deep-frying them, be sure to do this just before you’re about to cook them. If you decide to put it off or store your wings in the fridge, the bread crumbs will turn soggy because of the egg mixture or any mixture you used to coat the wings to make the bread crumbs stick. This is important to avoid as it will affect the overall look, taste, and texture of the pieces when they’re done.

For the best results, dip the chicken wings into your moist mixture (egg-based or other), then coat with the bread crumbs. After this, drop the chicken wing gently into the air fryer or pot for about 10 minutes.

Once you’re sure they’re well done, you can place the chicken wings on paper towels. This will allow some of the oil to drain and make the pieces less oily.

You can salt or pepper to taste and bring out the exquisite flavor of your chicken wings.

Extra chicken wing tips for the best flavor:


  1. Your fryer should be fully equipped with a basket or strainer that you can safely and comfortably hold with your hand. The handle is made of a non-metal material.
  2. Remember, the cooking oil you use can make a huge difference in the chicken wing’s taste. Vegetable-based oils are more neutral and are the most recommended by chefs.
  3. Season your flour properly. Don’t risk losing taste. Add a generous amount of salt and pepper to it, to bring out a great taste in the meat. Other seasonings you can implement are thyme, paprika, nutmeg and so on.

Hopefully, with these tips, you get to enjoy some scrumptiously delicious chicken wings for you and your friends. Just keep these quick tips and mind and you’ll be feasting on the best wings you’ve ever made in no time.



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