Best Induction Ranges of 2023

By Heloise Blause Updated September 11, 2021

Explore the range of possibilities with induction cooktops

Best Induction Ranges of 2023

Maybe you’re an experienced cook. Or you just started. Either way, you may need an induction range.

An induction range offers fast and even cooking, as well as affordability. It’s even super easy to clean. Plus some are super smart, come with a double oven or with storage space.

For those who are looking to step up their cooking, we’ve created a list of the 7 best induction ranges on the market. We examine the features, explore the brands to help you find the induction stove that best supports your cooking needs.

Our Top Picks

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Best Induction Ranges of 2023
Frigidaire FGIH3047VF 30' Gallery Series Induction Range with Air Fry 4 Elements 5.4 cu. ft. Oven Capacity Self Clean with Steam Clean Option Star K ADA Compliant in Stainless SteelBest Overall

Frigidaire FGIH3047VF Induction Range

Frigidaire FGIH3047VF 30' Gallery Series Induction Range with Air Fry 4 Elements 5.4 cu. ft. Oven Capacity Self Clean with Steam Clean Option Star K ADA Compliant in Stainless Steel

  • Easy to Clean.

  • Rear filler kit included.

  • Pan autosizing feature.

Frigidaire GCRI3058AF / GCRI3058AF / GCRI3058AF 30 inch Induction Range with Air FryBest Budget

Frigidaire GCRI3058AF Induction Range

Frigidaire GCRI3058AF / GCRI3058AF / GCRI3058AF 30 inch Induction Range with Air Fry

  • Steam clean option.

  • Hot surface indicator light.

  • Includes storage drawer.

LG LSE4616ST 6.3 Cu.Ft. Stainless Smart Convection RangeBest Smart

LG LSE4616ST Slide In Range

LG LSE4616ST 6.3 Cu.Ft. Stainless Smart Convection Range

  • Automatic Shut Off feature.

  • Smart ThinQ Technology.

Fulgor Milano F6PIR304S1 Sofia 30' Induction Professional Range, Stainless SteelBest Small

Fulgor Induction Professional Range

Fulgor Milano F6PIR304S1 Sofia 30' Induction Professional Range, Stainless Steel

  • Easy to clean.

  • Attractive design.

Verona Designer Series VDFSIE365SS 36 Inch 5 cu.ft Induction Range Oven Freestanding, 5 Elements Smoothtop Cooktop, Convection Stainless SteelBest for Professionals

Verona Designer Freestanding Range

Verona Designer Series VDFSIE365SS 36 Inch 5 cu.ft Induction Range Oven Freestanding, 5 Elements Smoothtop Cooktop, Convection Stainless Steel

  • Great for baking.

  • 5 extra large burners.

Fisher Paykel OR36SDI6X1 Contemporary Series 36 Inch Freestanding Electric Induction RangeBest High-End

Fisher Paykel Induction Range

Fisher Paykel OR36SDI6X1 Contemporary Series 36 Inch Freestanding Electric Induction Range

  • Multiple heating modes.

  • Quiet convection fans.

  • Sleek contemporary aesthetic.

Empava 36 Inch Electric Stove Induction Cooktop with 5 Power Boost Burners Smooth Surface Vitro Ceramic Glass in Black 240VBest High-End

KitchenAid Double Oven Induction Range

Empava 36 Inch Electric Stove Induction Cooktop with 5 Power Boost Burners Smooth Surface Vitro Ceramic Glass in Black 240V

  • Includes steam rack.

  • Unique heating design.

  • Different temperature zones.

Should You Get An Induction Range?

Yes, we think so. These ranges combine the advantages of induction cooking with those of a convection oven.

Fast Cooking

Induction cooktops heat fast. In fact, they boil water twice as fast as gas stoves. Since the energy moves directly into the pan, you can raise or lower cooking temperatures instantly.

The convection oven can also have something called a third heating element that helps foods cook faster.

Easy to Clean

The smooth, ceramic glass cooktop wipes clean easily. There are no burner grates to collect burned food, and no crannies for food to settle in.

Most of the convection ovens also include an auto-cleaning mode, which uses high heat to burn off food. All you have to do is give the inside of the oven a quick wipe.

It Heats Food Evenly

Because an induction range heats the entire pan directly and simultaneously, it cooks more evenly than gas and electric ranges. These methods only heat the part of the pan they directly touch.

Convection ovens use their fan and exhaust system to circulate air in the oven. This reduces cool and hot spots, ensuring that dishes on every rack cook evenly.

In addition to these benefits, induction ranges are safe, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. They also offer more accurate control and temperature range.

Finally, investing in an induction range reduces the cost of buying each component separately.

  • Average price of induction cooktop: $2,000
  • Average price of induction oven: $2,000
  • Average price of induction range: $3,000

How Does An Induction Range Work?

An induction range combines an induction cooktop and an oven. It looks similar to a glass electric range but is powered quite differently. An induction range is powered by an electromagnetic field below the surface of the glass cooktop. Because of this, it requires special magnetic cookware to operate.

Induction ranges are paired with a convection oven. This type of oven uses a fan and exhaust system to circulate hot air within the oven. A conventional stove uses two inert heating elements to heat the inside of the oven.(1)

Types of Induction Range

Now let’s take a look at the 2 types of induction range: the Slide-In, and the Freestanding.

The Slide In Range

LG LSE4616ST 6.3 Cu.Ft. Stainless Smart Convection Range

A slide-in range is designed to be installed between cabinets to create a seamless look. Because they are not meant to stand alone, they have unfinished sides and are best installed between counters. These models are more expensive than freestanding due to their designed “built-in” look.

The slide-in style offers a sleek look and easy clean-up. Their sides overhang, guarding against food spills between cooktop and counter. They, however, do not come with back guards. Homeowners will typically install tile behind the range if placed against a wall.(2)

This LE range is an example of a slide-in model.


  • Great choice for a kitchen island


  • Not aesthetically pleasing on its own

  • Risk of spills on the wall

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The Freestanding Range

Frigidaire FGIH3047VF 30' Gallery Series Induction Range with Air Fry 4 Elements 5.4 cu. ft. Oven Capacity Self Clean with Steam Clean Option Star K ADA Compliant in Stainless Steel

A freestanding range is the most common model found in kitchens. It has finished sides so that it can be placed between counters or stand on its own. This flexibility is what makes them popular with homeowners.

Freestanding ranges offer a backguard which protects the wall behind from splashes and houses the controls. Freestanding ranges are a great option to install between cabinets but are not the best choice for kitchen islands.

This Frigidaire is a freestanding model.


  • Can be installed anywhere

  • Protects the wall from spills


  • Not the best fit for a kitchen island

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What Should You Consider When Buying an Induction Range

Next we’ll explore some of the features to consider when buying an induction range.

kitchenware oven icon


Cooktop Dimensions

First, you’ll need to decide on the size of your induction range. The cooktop dimensions must be chosen with a thought for the space available in your kitchen.

The number of available burners will vary along with the size of your model.

Oven Capacity

Oven capacity is another factor of size you’ll want to consider. Depending on how much you cook, and how many you cook for, this need can vary.

  • This Samsung model has a capacity of 5.8 cu. ft.
  • This Samsung model offers a 6.3 cu. ft. capacity

microwave oven icon



An induction range can come with one or two ovens. Which you choose will depend on how much you cook. This Cafe Double Oven Induction Range is an example of a two oven model. A double oven is a great choice for those who cook for big groups.

Cooking Methods

You’ll also want to know what cooking methods are available with your induction range. For example, this Frigidaire offers the following cooking methods:

  • Bake (convection and conventional)
  • Broil
  • Convection roast
  • Convection convert
  • Air fry

induction cooktop icon


Of course an induction range offers an induction cooktop, but some also offer gas or electric burners as well. This Frigidaire model offers both induction and radiant zones.
feature icon

General Features

Here are some general features to look for on your induction range.

Control Panel

There are two types of control panels featured on induction ranges. They can be digital, as seen on this Profile model. Or they can use knobs, like this Samsung. An induction range that uses knobs can be harder to clean since food residue can get stuck on and around the knobs.


A timer on your convection range can show you how much time has passed when cooking. It does not start or stop the cooking process but alerts when it is complete.

Keep Warm Zone

A warming zone allows you the option to keep any zone of the cooktop warm at the touch of a button. This is meant only for keeping a meal warm, not for cooking cold food.

This warming option can also be used in your convection oven. It allows you to keep your food in the oven warm, without continuing to cook it.(3)

cleaning time icon

Cleaning Features

Many models come with these easy cleaning features:

Self Clean

The self-clean cycle is a setting that uses an extremely high temperature to burn and dissolve food residue off the oven’s interior surfaces. This cycle lasts between 2 and 4 hours, depending on the range model.

Steam Cleaning

The steam clean is a good option for getting rid of light food residue. This is a quick and easy solution, in which you pour a bit of water in the bottom of the oven cavity, and select the steam clean option. The water creates a vapor that loosens debris from the oven’s internal surfaces, which will wipe off easily.

Fingerprint Resistant

This is a nice feature for those home cooks who get tired of wiping prints and marks off of their stove and cooktop. Smudge-proof stainless steel protects against little hands (and big ones, too!)

Hidden Bake Element

You will find a hidden bake element in many range models. The heat element is concealed under a non-removable ceramic floor, so there are no nooks or crannies to clean.

smart watch icon

Smart Features

Many induction ranges come with smart features like the following:

  • Wifi connectivity: You can control your cooktop (temperature, time, and program) from anywhere.
  • Power boost: Heat your food faster by exceeding the maximum power level of your cooktop
  • Delay bake: Choose a time to start and stop your oven automatically
  • Virtual flame: This feature shows that your burner is on, so you don’t leave it on accidentally
  • Pan detector: Automatically reads the size of your pan and adjusts burner size to fit.

thought icon


Most induction ranges that you’ll find on the market are made of stainless steel, like this Samsung model. However for kitchen fashionistas, there are a wide variety of materials that can be used in manufacturing an induction range. Brass, bronze, chrome, or copper are offered in many different colors and styles. See this ILVE model, for example.
brand icon


There are many brands of induction stove available, including the following:


Wolf offers a long line of kitchen appliances such as ranges, ovens, microwaves, coffee systems, and outdoor grills. In business for over 75 years, they are recognized experts in refrigeration and cooking. They are also dedicated to sustainability and environmental stewardship.


Bosch has an enormous reach, supplying technology and services around the world. They have been focused on innovation since their founding in 1886. Bosch leads the way in creating “smart home” solutions.


Viking has been in business for over forty years and is the first to offer a professional-grade range for the home kitchen. Dedicated to “home, family, and excellence”, they design and create quality cooking and refrigeration appliances from their home office in Mississippi.


Dacor began as an appliance store in 1948 and has since become a rapidly growing national business. They designed the first self-contained kitchen ventilation system, and have been innovating ever since.


Empava strives to combine practicality and beauty. They design high-end bath and kitchen appliances to bring a sense of indulgence and gratification to your daily life. U.S. engineered, each of their products comes with a lifetime parts warranty.


Panasonic is a well-known global company that offers a kitchenware line, along with many other types of appliances and technology. They began in 1955 making speakers, and have since branched out into home, beauty, and health. Their focus is on “life solutions”, and they offer smart technology for their ranges.


Established in 1899, Miele is a recognized leader in quality appliances. They test their appliances for up to 20 years of use. Not only are their products durable, but they also pride themselves on clean lines and timeless design for the home.


Whirlpool is a globally recognized company for home appliances. With business locations around the world, they work toward creating innovative products that improve life in the home. They also desire to be good stewards of the earth, creating a 2020 Zero Manufacturing Waste initiative.

warranty icon


A good warranty for any appliance is always helpful. Just in case your product should have a defect and you need a replacement. Depending on the brand, you’ll find different warranty terms. For example, Samsung offers a limited 5 year warranty, while KitchenAid offers a progressive warranty through the years.

To find out about the manufacturer’s warranty terms, you can visit their website. You may also contact the company directly, through phone or email.

The Best Induction Ranges Of 2023

Now that you know all about what an induction range can offer, let’s take a look at some of the best on the market. We’ve created a list of top brands, based on hours of research and reviewer feedback. Get ready to cook faster and smarter!

1. Frigidaire FGIH3047VF Electric Induction Range

The best induction range should offer a good mix of both features and value. With even heating, true convection cooking, and a guaranteed fit, we found this Frigidaire model to be the best all-around choice for your home kitchen.

Many reviewers mentioned that they enjoyed the convenience of an included rear filler kit. This kit has the supplies needed to fill the gap between the back of your new range and the existing backsplash.

Frigidaire also offers the Frigidaire Fit Promise: If your new range doesn’t fit your existing cutout, then the company will reimburse up to $100 to be used for counter modifications.

Once installed, this range offers precise and even heating with a third heating element and convection fan. An auto-sizing pan detection option is able to send the perfect amount of heat to whatever size pan you use on your induction cooktop.

We also loved that cleaning this range is just as easy as cooking with it. Have kids who like to touch everything? No problem! The stainless steel bodyguards against smudges and fingerprints, so you don’t have to constantly wipe it off. Plus, the fast steam cleaning option loosens baked-on gunk from inside the oven without the use of chemicals.

If you want the look of a built-in model range without the hassle of a remodel, this option is for you.

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  • Rear filler kit included

  • Easy to clean with smudge-free stainless steel and steam clean option

  • Frigidaire Fit Promise

  • Pan autosizing feature


  • Air fryer doesn’t always work very well

  • Burners off-center for some reviewers

Additional Specs

Size 30 in. 5.4 cu. ft.
Whole Range 25.75 in x 29.88 in x 47 in
Oven Capacity 5.4 cu. ft.
Type Freestanding
Smart Features Hot surface indicator
Material Type Stainless steel
Burner Type Induction
Number of Burners 4
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2. Frigidaire GCRI3058AF Induction Range

Priced at just under $1500, you get the best of both worlds. This Frigidaire range offers all of the speed and even heating of both induction and convection cooking. But without an outrageous price tag.

The conduction oven offers not only true conduction heating but even has an Air Fry setting for healthier “fried” foods. The convection fan crisps your food without added oil, which is great for people that want to eat healthier without sacrificing taste.

The 4-burner induction cooktop has a hot surface indicator light to guard against accidental burns.

Reviewers also found this model very easy to clean. The body is made from smudge-resistant stainless steel. And there is a steam clean option for the inside of the oven as well.

We also loved that the stove includes a storage drawer, for stowing your pots and pans. This allows you to free up counter and cabinet space.

If you’re on a budget, but want to enjoy the quality and efficient cooking of an induction range, this is the model we recommend. It even includes a quick preheat, so you can cook up healthier and delicious meals for the family in no time.


  • Excellent price point

  • Steam clean option for stove

  • Hot surface indicator light for safety

  • Includes storage drawer


  • Convection oven fan is noisy

Additional Specs

Size 30 in. 5.4 cu. ft.
Whole Range 49 in x 32 in x 30 in
Oven Capacity 5.4 cu. ft.
Type Freestanding
Smart Features None
Material Type Stainless steel/Ceramic
Burner Type Induction
Number of Burners 4
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3. LG LSE4616ST Slide In Range

When you’re constantly on the go, it’s not always easy to cook meals for the family. Look no further, this LG range is one of the foremost smart appliances. It’s wifi enabled and allows you to cook quality meals no matter how busy you are.

This smart range offers an app that can be linked to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to preheat your oven remotely and to set an oven timer. You can even turn the oven on or off with voice commands.

The SmartDiagnosis feature allows the service center to diagnose any problems with your range right over the phone or on the app. This can save you the expense and inconvenience of service calls.

And if you enjoy cooking intricate meals, or have a large group to cook for, the 6.3 cu ft capacity offers plenty of room for your dishes.

Reviewers loved the convenience and ease of cooking with this smart induction range. And we think it’s the best option if you have a super-busy lifestyle.

Control your oven while you run errands, pick up your kids, or go for a walk. If you have a phone, you can cook a delicious meal from anywhere.


  • Smart ThinQ Technology is compatible with Google, Amazon, and iOS

  • Automatic Shut Off feature

  • Body is made from smudge-proof stainless steel

  • 6.3 cu ft capacity allows you to cook for large groups


  • Oven is noisy

  • Glass cooktop is difficult to clean, discolors easily

Additional Specs

Size 30 in. 6.3 cu. ft.
Whole Range 29 in x 28 in x 37 in
Oven Capacity 6.3 cu. ft.
Type Slide-in range
Smart Features Google and Amazon capabilities with voice command/smartphone controls, Smart Diagnostics
Material Type Stainless steel/Glass
Burner Type Induction
Number of Burners 5
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4. Fulgor Milano F6PIR304S1 Induction Professional Range

For smaller kitchens, it’s best to optimize the space with smaller appliance models. The 30-inch Freestanding range model is compact and has a sleek look that fits in well with any kitchen aesthetic. This makes it also a great choice for seniors, students, single folks, and couples.

Though compact, this model doesn’t sacrifice quality. The four-burner induction cooktop offers 9 power levels for optimal heating control. And each burner has a booster function, so you don’t need to shift your pot around to get a quick boil.

The 4.1 cu ft convection oven space can be enhanced with included adjustable oven racks, allowing room for taller dishes.

We also like that it comes with a warming drawer to keep meals hot if you can’t get to them right away, or if you’re waiting for guests to arrive.

Safety features include magnetic induction that keeps the cooktop cool when not in direct contact with a pan and a heavy layer of safety glass that protects you from the heat of the oven.

We recommend this model if you need to save space, but still, enjoy cooking quality meals. With the Fulgor Milano F6PIR304S1, you can cook delicious meals quickly, even in an apartment or home with a smaller kitchen area.


  • Smooth surface cooktop is easy to clean

  • Attractive design

  • Compact model is space saving


  • Too small to cook meals for larger groups or households

Additional Specs

Size 30 in. 4.1 cu. ft.
Whole Range 30 in x 29 in x 39 in
Oven Capacity 4.1 cu. ft.
Type Freestanding
Smart Features None
Material Type Stainless steel/Glass
Burner Type Induction
Number of Burners 4
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5. Verona Designer Freestanding Range

Many home chefs enjoy cooking intricate dishes on a level that you’d find in any restaurant. This Verona Freestanding model is the best choice if you want professional-level quality in your cooking range. Or if you cook or bake for a living.

The Verona range is made in Italy with 304 stainless steel and is available in six different colors, seamlessly blending into any kitchen aesthetic. Offering functionality as well as beauty, the cooktop offers 5 elements that make it easy to create complex dishes. Simmer several sauces at a time, while also searing meat or boiling water.

There is also a quick boil option to get liquid boiling in just about a minute. You won’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning after cooking a large meal, with the easy-clean porcelain stovetop surface.

We also think chefs will appreciate the pull-out storage drawer feature that offers a place to stow your pots, pans, and various baking dishes.

A true convection oven of European design, the dual convection fan system provides even heat for your baking needs. A soft close hinge ensures that no matter how busy you’re cooking, the door won’t slam shut and flatten delicate cakes or egg dishes.

Touches like this make the Verona range a great fit if you cook for a living, or just truly enjoy the art of cooking.


  • 5 extra large burners

  • Great for baking

  • You can purchase matching accessories, like range hood


  • Higher price range

Additional Specs

Size 36 in. 5 cu. ft.
Whole Range 36 in x 35.9375 in x 37.25 in
Oven Capacity 5 cu. ft.
Type Freestanding
Smart Features None
Material Type Stainless steel/porcelain cooktop
Burner Type Induction
Number of Burners 5
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6. Fisher Paykel Contemporary Electric Induction Range

This 36-inch model is the best induction range if you want the most high-end kitchen appliances to grace your home. Sleek and beautiful, the Fisher Paykel induction range upgrades any kitchen space.

But it also offers a number of features that can upgrade your cooking as well.

The temperature can be adjusted to the necessary cooking process with a power boost and gentle heat control panel settings.

Precise temperature control with eight different heating modes makes creating the perfect meal easy, whether you are searing meat or melting chocolate.

Induction and convection heating ensure that no matter how delicate the meal is, there won’t be hot spots or burning.

Many reviewers mentioned that the convection fans were quieter than most models. The included warming drawer allows you to keep elements of your meal hot while you finish off others. Or even keep the whole meal warm if you need to wait for guests.

Cooking a meal with this model is also extremely safe if you have children in the home. The induction cooktop stays cool, only heating the pan itself. There is also a child lock option to prevent accidental burns.

This induction range is a clear choice if you not only find value in cooking quality meals but also adding a touch of extravagance to your kitchen space.


  • Multiple heating modes

  • Quiet convection fans

  • Sleek contemporary aesthetic


  • Higher price range

Additional Specs

Size 36 in. 4.7 cu. ft.
Whole Range 36 in x 37 in x 35 in
Oven Capacity 4.7 cu. ft.
Type Freestanding
Smart Features None
Material Type Stainless steel / porcelain cooktop
Burner Type Induction
Number of Burners 5
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7. KitchenAid Double Oven Induction Range

Cooking for large groups or families can be a real pain if you don’t have enough oven space. Nobody wants to keep adding and removing dishes while trying to time everything perfectly. The Kitchenaid Double Oven offers 6.7 cubic feet for cooking up large batches of food all at once.

This model offers separate heating zones to give you the flexibility of cooking a variety of dishes at different temperatures.

The oven’s unique “bow-tie” convection design creates a consistent temperature that ensures your food will come outright. While the included steam rack gives your cooking a whole new dimension by creating steam in the oven cavity. Steaming enhances the taste and retains vitamins in delicate seafood dishes and vegetables.

We also like that this range saves time and effort on the cleaning front. A hidden bake element makes the inside of the ovens easy to wipe clean. The smooth glass cooktop won’t trap baked-on food. Even the controls are easy to clean. There are no knobs, but flat glass touch buttons for quick wiping.

With the space and available heating options, even cooking a four-course meal with dessert can be simple. This Kitchenaid Double Oven is the model for you if you love cooking up big, intricate meals for friends and family.


  • Includes steam rack

  • Offers plenty of cooking space

  • Unique heating design for even cooking

  • Different temperature zones


  • Oven time can be too soft to hear

  • Loud convection fans

Additional Specs

Size 30 in. 6.7 cu. ft.
Whole Range 30 in x 47 in x 28 in
Oven Capacity 6.7 cu. ft.
Type Freestanding
Smart Features Delay bake/start
Material Type Stainless steel/porcelain cooktop
Burner Type Induction
Number of Burners 4
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Induction Ranges Comparison Chart

ProductSizeWhole RangeOven CapacityTypeSmart FeaturesMaterial TypeNumber of Burners
Frigidaire FGIH3047VF Induction Range30 in. 5.4 cu. ft.
25.75 in x 29.88 in x 47 in
5.4 cu. ft.FreestandingHot surface indicatorStainless steel4
Frigidaire GCRI3058AF Induction Range30 in. 5.4 cu. ft.49 in x 32 in x 30 in5.4 cu. ft.FreestandingNoneStainless steel/Ceramic4
LG LSE4616ST Slide In Range30 in. 6.3 cu. ft.29 in x 28 in x 37 in5.4 cu. ft.Slide In RangeGoogle and Amazon capabilities with voice command/smartphone controls, Smart DiagnosticsStainless steel/Glass5
Fulgor Milano Induction Range30 in. 4.1 cu. ft.30 in x 29 in x 39 in4.1 cu. ft.FreestandingNoneStainless steel/Glass4
Verona Designer Freestanding Range36 in. 5 cu. ft.36 in x 35.9375 in x 37.25 in5 cu. ft.FreestandingStainless steel/porcelain cooktopStainless steel/Glass5
Fisher Paykel Induction Range36 in. 4.7 cu. ft.36 in x 37 in x 35 in4.7 cu. ft.FreestandingStainless steel/porcelain cooktopStainless steel/Glass5
KitchenAid Double Oven Induction Range30 in. 6.7 cu. ft.30 in x 47 in x 28 in6.7 cu. ft.FreestandingDelay bake/startStainless steel/porcelain cooktop4

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Induction Ranges FAQ

Now we’ll take a look at some frequently asked questions about induction ranges.

timer icon

How Long Do Induction Ranges Last?

Induction ranges can last between 10,000 and 30,000 hours of use.

The consumer-grade ranges typically have a lifespan of 10,000 hours, while commercial-grade ranges last up to 30,000 hours. In any case, be sure to contact your manufacturer or retail store for more information. (4)

ventilation icon

Do Induction Ranges Need Venting?

Yes, just like other types of range or stove, induction ranges do need venting.

This is a good thing for two reasons. One, venting allows your kitchen to stay cool (even though convection cooking doesn’t heat up your kitchen as much as gas). Two, it’s extremely helpful in getting rid of food odors in your house.

battery ecology energy icon

How Many CFM Do You Need for Range Hood Over Induction?

You will need at least 600 CFM. However, if your cooktop is over 42”, go for at least 900 CFM. (5)

Now You’re Cooking

Whether you’re a professional or novice cook, an induction range offers fast and accurate cooking for the best-tasting meals. Available in a variety of sizes, including a double oven, you can cook for groups of any size.

Decide what features are important to you–smart technology, extra room, or a variety of cooking modes. Budget can be a factor too, as these units can cost 2 to 10 thousand dollars.

This guide should help you decide which induction range is best for you. If you’ve found something perfect, feel free to share in the comments! Also, be sure to pass this article along to anyone you know who loves to cook.

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