Homekitchendland Mission & Editorial Guidelines

On homekitchenland.com, we share our reviews with you, and we create numerous lists of product reviews – selecting products for various purposes.

Our main goal is to help you make the best decision possible and to purchase a product that perfectly fits your needs.

Every guide we create is a result of intensive, in-depth research of every topic and combining checked information with personal experience.

The goal of homekitchenland.com is to provide you with guides and product reviews that are honest and unbiased, which will help you make a well-informed purchase decision.

How We Research A Product?

We are on a constant search for products that can make your everyday life better, more comfortable, and bring more quality.

Therefore, we’re browsing for popular products we can review all the time.

When we identify the product group, our next step is to learn everything about it. We mostly focus on benefits, why people love them, and what makes them better than products made by other brands.

Also, no matter how popular the product is, we want you to be aware of downsides.

Finally, we spend extra time analyzing every eventual health impact the product may have. Here we talk about allergies, quality of material, and certification it needs to have to be safe for your everyday use.

The founder of homekitchenland.com, Heloise Blaure, is a big advocate of healthy products proven safe for customers.

Also, the second main principle behind her site is sustainability. Therefore, we compare the price of the product we’re looking into with other similar options on the market. As a result, we can offer you the best deal for the sweet money.

When we learn about their features, its time to compare the product we’rewe’re reviewing to their competitors and all of the brands on the market.

We do that by extensive cross-search over all of the popular online selling sites and articles written by the experts in the field. This makes our product reviews highly reliable.

What Are Our Criteria?

Our main criteria are features.

When we’re creating a product review, we focus on technology in use, the use process, technical specification, certifications the product has.

Most of the time, the products in the same group have several similar features. To differentiate them, we present what specific product can bring you, from what feature you can benefit the most and is all that worth the money.

In this part of the review, we try to avoid too much technical talk. Instead, we do our best to translate all of the numbers and fancy names and replace them with an explanation all of our readers can apply in everyday use.

However, the most important criteria we are sticking to while are customer experience. We pay close attention to individual reviews the product already has from the people who used it before.

What’sWhat’s important to us is the quality of the reviews over the quantity. That somewhat verifies the product itself. Furthermore, we analyze positive, negative, and critical comments. That way, you can learn all of the pros and cons at once. It’sIt’s all backed up with previous customer reviews and experience.

How We Select The Final Products To Review

Once we make a selection we’re satisfied with, we take a close look at each product and define what it brings in terms of features. If two products have the same quality, we pick one that has some unique features that reviewers bring out. Also, as we already stated, the health impact and the price is a massive deal for us. We’llWe’ll always choose the safest and the most inexpensive option.

To us, take the product in a review at all, it has to be on the market of at least one year. This is also linked to reliability. When the product is on the market for some time, the chances are it has a decent number of buyers, and we get to analyze more relevant comments.

Also, as long as people are using the product, they become more objective of its features, which helps us bring you the real, nonbiased product review.

How We Review The Product

All of the reviews are created after our writers did extensive product research. For some products, writers have personal or professional experience, so we make sure to include them it the review as well.

All of our writers are experts in their niche, and there is no need for the editor in this phase. However, every article is officially validated by the founder or the manager of the team.

We can offer you the top quality and informative content you can base your buying choices on.


Please be aware that all of our buying guides and reviews are only informative and not professional advice in any form.

Please read our legal terms and disclaimers for further information.

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