Best Electric Cooktops of 2021

By Heloise Blause Updated June 30, 2021

Turn up the heat with our favorite electric cooktops

Best Electric Cooktops of 2021

Have you ever wondered if electric cooktops actually cook more evenly than traditional gas cooktops? Or is safer to use?

Well, we think so. We’ve spent hours researching the benefits of electric cooktops. We also looked for the best options out there. Take a look at the features of our buying guide and a few of our favorite electric cooktops.

With this list, you’ll find the cooktop that’s right for you.

Our Top Picks

ImageModelFeaturesBest Electric Cooktops of 2021 
GE JP3030DJBB 30 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop with 4 Radiant Elements, Knob Controls, Keep Warm Melt Setting, BlackBest Overall

GE Smoothtop Electric Cooktop

GE JP3030DJBB 30 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop with 4 Radiant Elements, Knob Controls, Keep Warm Melt Setting, Black

  • Variable Burners

  • Knob Controls

  • Safety Features

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24 Inch Electric Cooktop 4 Burners, Built-in Ceramic Cooktop Hard Wired, 220-240V Electric Stove Top, 9 Heating Level, Knob Control, Auto Shut Down ProtectionBest Budget

Karinear Electric Induction Cooker

GE JP3030DJBB 30 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop with 4 Radiant Elements, Knob Controls, Keep Warm Melt Setting, Black

  • Small Footprint

  • Infrared Induction

  • Easy to Keep Clean

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Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop, 3000W, EC2-23Best With 2 Burners

Ramblewood EC2-23

Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop, 3000W, EC2-23

  • Safety Features

  • Space Economy

  • Plug-In

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Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner, Temperature Controls, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Double, BlackBest For Countertop

Elite Gourmet EDBB-302BF

Elite Gourmet Countertop Electric Hot Burner, Temperature Controls, Power Indicator Lights, Easy to Clean, Double, Black

  • Portability

  • Easy Clean-Up

  • Quick Cooking

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GE Profile Series 30' Downdraft Electric Cooktop Black Glass with Stainless Steel Trim PP9830SJSSBest With Downdraft

GE Profile Series 30

GE Profile Series 30' Downdraft Electric Cooktop Black Glass with Stainless Steel Trim PP9830SJSS

  • Downdraft

  • Digital Control Panel

  • Element Variety

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Frigidaire FFEC3025UB 30 Inch Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop with 4 Elements in BlackBest 30 Inch Electric Cooktop

Frigidaire (FFEC3025UB)

Frigidaire FFEC3025UB 30 Inch Electric Smoothtop Style Cooktop with 4 Elements in Black

  • Sleek Clean Surface

  • Simple Controls

  • Heating Variety

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36' Built-in Electric Cooktop, GASLAND Chef CH90BS 240V Ceramic Cooktop, Drop-in 5 Burner Coil Electric Radiant Cooktop, 7 Power Levels, Mechanical Knob Control, Hot Warning, HardwiredBest 36 Inch Electric Cooktop


36' Built-in Electric Cooktop, GASLAND Chef CH90BS 240V Ceramic Cooktop, Drop-in 5 Burner Coil Electric Radiant Cooktop, 7 Power Levels, Mechanical Knob Control, Hot Warning, Hardwired

  • Durable and Sleek

  • Cooking Options

  • Digital Control Panel

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What Are The Different Types of Electric Cooktops?

There are three different types of electric cooktops. Let’s walk through them.

Coil Burner Cooktops

Megachef Electric Easily Portable Ultra Lightweight Dual Coil Burner Cooktop Buffet Range in Matte Black (MC-2012A-B)

Coils burners cooktops are composed of visible coil elements. Coils, also called “burners” or “rings”, are hardy spiral steel units that heats the cookware directly. Unlike glass stoves top, they may be difficult to clean and to tell when they’re hot.

Glass-Ceramic Cooktop

Electric Cooktop, AMZCHEF 12 Inch Electric Stove Hob 2 Burners, 220V Built-in Ceramic Cooktop with Child Safety Lock, 9 Heating Level, 3-Hour Timer, 3200W, Black Polished Crystal Glass Surface

Glass-Ceramic cooktops are the second generation of electric cooktops. These cooktops still keep electric heating elements. But they’re smoother, look sophisticated, and are easier to clean than coil burners.

There are four different types of heating elements in ceramic cooktops. So consider their various features before you buy:

Radiant, halogen, and semi-halogen are very similar. But a halogen element is easier to see when it’s on because the bulbs light up immediately. Halogen can also cool off faster than radiant.

Induction Cooktop

30' Built-in Induction Cooktop, GASLAND Chef IH77BFH 240V Electric Induction Cooker, 5 Burner Drop-in Induction Stovetop, 9 Power Levels, Sensor Touch Control, Child Safety Lock, 1-99 Minutes Timer

Induction is the third generation of electric cooktops. Induction cooktops are electric glass-ceramic cooktops, but the element warms your food differently. Essentially, induction uses magnetic currents to heat your cookware directly.

Why Use an Electric Cooktop?

The easiest way to have an easy, safe and more efficient cooking experience is to buy an electric cooktop. In this section, we cover what an electric cooktop can do for you.

1.They Are Easy To Use And Clean

Electric cooktops are easy to use. Simply turn on the power on the chosen burner (or select the exact temperature), place your cookware on it and you’re good to go.

Besides, cleaning a glass-ceramic cooktop is quick. You don’t need to remove burners caps or rings. You just have to wipe up spills and grease on the surface, making the cleaning process less of a hassle.

2.Safer To Use

Electric cooktops also can’t accidentally leak gas if the ignition doesn’t catch or your water boils over (1). Plus, electric cooktops don’t use an open flame. This reduces household hazards, especially if you have children and/or pets.

3.They Are More Efficient

Electric cooktops hold even and low heat more easily than gas. This precision cooking also means electric cooktops are also more energy-efficient than gas.(2)

Direct contact between elements and cookware reduces heat loss. And with pan size recognition technology, you don’t heat your kitchen, just your food.

4.They Are Easy To Install

You just need electricity to install an electric cooktop. This is not the case of a gas cooktop that needs both a source of electricity and gas.

Besides, you don’t need to install a gas line in your kitchen to use an electric cooktop. This makes the installation process of an electric cooktop much less expensive since you need a professional to install a gas line.

What To Look For When Buying Electric Cooktops

With all these options when it comes to electric cooktops, how do you choose the best one? Below we’ve summed up the main features you’ll need to consider in your buying process.

Size icon


When choosing an electric cooktop, size is important on several levels. To install it, you want at least 30 inches of clearance above your cooktop. You’ll also need 6 inches on each side to avoid melting or overheating other kitchen appliances or walls.

Also, choosing the correct number of burners for your cooking needs will be a major size influencer. Two burner models are compact for small spaces. Larger cooktops tend to be 30 or 36 inches with four to six burners. Larger cooktops are great for bigger meals.

stove icons

Number of Burners

You know how you cook best. Decide if you only need two or want four or five burners for your electric cooktop. Would you rather more counter space or more cooking space in your kitchen? All of these factors are important to choose your cooktop.
heating icon

Special Features

There are several special features to think about when selecting an electric cooktop.

Knobs or Touch Controls

Choosing knobs or touch controls are a personal preference based on how you cook and what you want your counter to look like.

Knobs are a bit more popular because they’re simpler to use and harder to accidentally turn on. But you’ll find good touch control models as well. Also, keep in mind that knob controls usually have built-in child locks. Touch buttons may not.

Double Cooking Zone

First, we have the double cooking zone feature. Some cooktop elements have this double cooking zone feature i.e. two rings, a smaller inner and larger outer. This allows heating your pan quicker.

Automatic Pan-size Recognition

Then we have automatic pan-size recognition. This technology recognizes how big or small the cookware is and only heats it to that size.

Choosing a cooktop with these special features is a personal choice. So consider them if you want to cook faster or like cooking with the latest cooking technology.

shield icon

Safety Features

Some models come with safety features.

Child Lock Function

The most common safety feature is a child lock. Sometimes this looks like knob controls you have to push in to turn. Other types include a ‘child lock’ switch. When on, little hands can’t mistakenly turn on the cooktop.

Automatic Safety Shut-Off

Cooktops can recognize cooking temperature or pan presence. They then keep your cooktop switched off when you’re not using it. If you’re nervous about forgetting if you left the cooktop on, look for this feature.

Hot Surface Indicator

This is a typical light on electric cooktops. This light warns you when the cooking elements are hot, even if they’re off. Not all electric cooktops have them, but most have some sort of light.

money icon


Finally, consider shipping and installation costs in your budgeting process. A cheap model that requires an electrician to install will quickly become expensive. So keep looking until you find the model that suits your budget.

The Best Electric Cooktops of 2021

To recommend the best electric cooktop, we’ve spent hours researching the options. We’ve considered customer reviews, expert advice and read each product’s descriptions carefully. Now we’re happy to share our favorite seven options on the market.

1. GE JP3030DJBB 30 Inch Smoothtop Electric Cooktop

The GE 30 inch electric cooktop is our top recommendation. It comes with easy-to-use knob controls and four radiant elements that heat fast.

With two element sizes, 8-inch and 6-inch, you only use as much heat as your pan needs. The variable burners also boast melt settings, keep warm, and power boil designed to cook food correctly.

Its safety features include ‘On’ and ‘hot surface’ indicator lights, helping you avoid burning accidents. This model also includes a scraper, cleaner, and scrubbing pad to help keep your cooking surface sparkling.

Plus, reviewers note the layperson can install this 30-inch electric cooktop.

What We Like

Variable Burners

We love the fact that it has a power boil, keeps warm and melt burner settings. This range of heating options cooks your food right, no matter the meal.

Knob Controls

If you’re looking for knobs controls instead of annoying buttons, this is a great cooktop. Besides, the knobs are easy to use and keep heating decisions simple and precise.

Safety Features

If you have pets or kids, you’ll love its ‘Hot Surface Indicator’ and ‘On’ lights. These safety features give you a heads up to keep dish towels and tiny hands out of danger.

Easy To Clean And Install

We love that the manufacturer made it simple to clean. The package includes cleaning gear that helps you keep the unit gleaming. Further, the installation process is straightforward. This means you can be cooking in no time without the extra installation fees.

What We Don’t Like

Not Good For Heavy Pots

Despite its sturdiness, this glass can crack and scratch. Reviewers note using cast iron or other heavy pots on the cooktop may damage the surface.

Grease And Grimes

There is some criticism about cleaning this model. Grease and grimes don’t blend well into the black surface, so it needs regular scrubbing.

Additional Specs

Weight37 pounds
Dimensions21.5 x 29.88 x 4.19 inches
Burner Typeradiant, electric
Number of Burners4
Installation Typebuilt-in

2. Karinear Electric Induction Cooker

Our best budget pick is the Karinear Electric Induction Cooker. It’s got a friendly price tag, lots of safety features, and a compact size.

This affordable electric cooktop uses infrared induction heat, so water boils quickly, and you can put any cookware on its surface.

Knob controls mean it’s harder to turn on accidentally. Automatic shutoff and hot surface indicators help you feel secure.

4 burners of two sizes (7.9 inches and 6.5 inches) give you plenty of cooking options and space. And its glass-ceramic top boasts scratch and fingerprint-proof coatings.

It does have to be hard-wired, though, so you’ll need an electrician to install it in your kitchen.

What We Like

Small Footprint

23.23 inches at its biggest, this model is ideal for smaller countertops and kitchens that still need four power burners. So you can maximize counter space and cook your heart out.

Infrared Induction

Infrared induction heating elements boil water quicker than radiant. They also don’t require specific pans like electromagnetic induction elements.

Safety Features

Knob controls are harder for kids or pets to turn on. Residual heat indicators keep you warned away from hot surfaces. And for older or forgetful users, its thermostat-regulated auto-shutoff means the stove won’t stay on unattended.

Easy to Keep Clean

A glass-ceramic scratch and fingerprint-proof surface mean you have to clean less often, and when you do, it’s simple.

Durable Materials

Made from sturdy materials like stainless steel and cast iron, this electric cooktop will resist wear and tear.

What We Don’t Like

Hardwiring Required

This model requires an earth wiring system in your kitchen. It means that you’ll need a professional electrician’s help. So while it’s a budget price, it may get pricey with installation costs.

Additional Specs

Weight16.74 pounds
Dimensions20.47 x 23.23 x 2.05 inches
Burner Typeinfrared induction
Number of Burners4
Installation Typebuilt-in

3. Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop

For your tiny home, RV, or small kitchen, we love this two-burner model.

Residual heat indicators and a child safety lock help you keep aware of this glass surface model. Touch controls keep it flat to your counter and low profile.

With an accompanying 4.5 ft power cord, if you’ve already got a 220-240V hook-up, this unit can be an easy install.

Its large and small burners help you use only as much heat as your cookware size needs, keeping efficiency high.

What We Like

Safety Features

Avoid accidents and injuries with the hot surface indicators and child-lock options. More tools to help protect from burns are always welcome.

Space Economy

Touch buttons and a small two-burner design mean this model takes up very little space in your home. So if you don’t cook a lot or appreciate space economy, this is a great option.


There is no hard-wiring necessary. As long as you have the correct voltage, you can plug this unit in and get cooking. This way you cut out the cost and time of the electrician.

What We Don’t Like

Accidental Child-Locking

Users note they’ve mistakenly turned on the child lock. So you’ll need to avoid brushing against this unit. That might be hard to do when making a big meal in a small kitchen.

Additional Specs

Weight13.64 pounds
Dimensions11.42 x 20 x 2.36 inches
Burner TypeN/A
Number of Burners2
Installation Typebuilt-in
Colorblack and stainless steel

4. Elite Cuisine Double Electric Burner

Our best-for-countertop model, this small two-burner countertop kitchen unit, can plop down wherever you are.

Its two non-stick cast iron elements mean your food heats evenly, and clean-up is simple.

Adjustable knobs give you a range of temperature options on the 6 inch and 7-inch burners.

This model also has indicator lights that let you know it’s heating up, but not that it’s hot.

What We Like


It’s a grab-and-go kind of cooktop. Bring it with you wherever you need to cook (as long as there’s electricity). So this cooktop’s perfect for entertaining at the campsite or office.

Easy Clean-Up

Solid non-stick cast iron heating elements make for a painless clean-up. Fewer nooks for food bits to fall into.

Quick Cooking

Reviewers note the elements are quick to heat. So you don’t have to wait forever for the water to boil in your cookware.

What We Don’t Like

Unit Heats Up Around Burners

The metal design means the whole unit can get hot when the burners are on, so be careful around the edges. If you’re using this at a potluck, make sure you’ve got plenty of breathing room around the cooktop.

Slow to Cool

The cast iron holds heat well, which is great when you’re cooking. However, it also means the elements are slow to lose heat. It’ll take a while before the surfaces are cool enough to touch or pack away.

Limited Safety Lights

The indicator light doesn’t tell you if the surfaces are hot; it tells you if the surfaces are heating. So once the burners reach the designated heat level, the light turns off. If you’re absent-minded or cooking among kids, be very careful.

This countertop pick is the only unit we review here without the hot surface indicator.

Additional Specs

Weight5.99 pounds
Dimensions18.5 x 11.5 x 3.65 inches
Burner Typecast iron
Number of Burners2
Installation Typecounter-top

5. GE Profile Series Downdraft Electric Cooktop

Hate cooking smells – this radiant electric cooktop may be for you. With an adjustable downdraft, you can pull odors out before they fill your house.

It also features four adjustable burners and a between-burner element. So if you like cooking with griddle pans, this could be for you.

Stainless steel and glass construction gives this electric cooktop a sleek design. And with simple controls, you won’t accidentally hit heat up, down, or on.

Boasting control locks, hot surface, and ‘On’ indicator lights, you have an array of tools to keep your household safe.

What We Like


This cooktop’s biggest differentiator is its ability to suck away the smoke and cooking smells with a low/med/high vent. Often vents are above glass cooktops. But this handy unit has an all-in-one construction.

Safety Features

Hot surface indicators, ‘On’ indicators, and a control lock knob, help you feel safer. It’s harder for the forgetful or unaware to get burned.

Element Variety

The between-element burner means you can have a pancake breakfast using a griddle! You can also use it as a warmer or for cooking with huge cookwares. Plus, a power boil setting helps you get other food cooking fast.

What We Don’t Like

Stickers too Stuck

A major complaint of reviewers is the ‘stickiness’ of the warning sticker. They note that it’s tough to get off without scratching the brand new glass surface. This is not ideal if you want a pristine surface.

Have your own Vent

While the downdraft pulls air from the cooktop surface, that air needs to go somewhere. You have to provide the venting. Check the installation guide to make sure you’re ready to install this cooktop.

Additional Specs

Weight45 pounds
Dimensions21 x 30 x 3 inches
Burner Typeradiant
Number of Burners4
Installation Typebuilt-in
Colorblack and stainless steel

6. Frigidaire 30 Inch Electric Cooktop (FFEC3025UB)

This is our best 30-inch electric cooktop pick because reviewers note it’s easy to use and easy to install. With a glass-ceramic top and removable knobs, it’s also painless to keep clean.

Hot surface indicators keep you warmth aware. Its four burners of 6” and 9” sizes also have varying wattages and quick boil element features. So sear, quick boil, and melt easily.

It takes more than a snap of the fingers to install this yourself. But if you’re a bit handy, customers note you can DIY.

What We Like

Sleek Clean Surface

Keep the black glass surface gleaming without much fuss. You can even take off the knobs to get at deeper grime.
Simple Controls

Controls display precise heat settings, so you know how intensely you’re heating your food.

Heating Variety

Wattage differences on the burners give you a range of cooking options. So fuller cookware or high-heat foods can cook right. A quick boil burner helps get water hot fast.

Safety Features

Hot surface indicator lights keep you informed. So you can avoid burning accidents.

What We Don’t Like

Not All Parts Included

Reviewers note that the 30 inch cooktop doesn’t come with all the installation pieces. They also say they’re small parts you can get easily. But if you DIY, you’ll need to run to the hardware store.

Can Scratch Easily

Customers also say that the surface gets scraped pretty quickly, so your super smooth reflective top may not last long. If you want a durable cooktop or are tough on your cookware, this might not be for you.

Additional Specs

Weight35.2 pounds
Dimensions34.33 x 25.91 x 6.93 inches
Burner Typeelectric
Number of Burners4
Installation Typebuilt-in

7. GASLAND Chef 36 Built-in Electric Cooktop (CH90BS)

Our best 36-inch electric cooktop has five burners to meet all your cooking needs. We love the scratch-resistant glass surface and bakelite controls for their durability.

Dual ring cooking zones and seven-element power levels give you a range of heating options. So you can get your food cooked the way it should be.

The hot surface indicator lights help you and your family remember to stay away and stay safe.

What We Like

Durable and Sleek

A clean black glass surface resists scratching and keeps cleaning simple. So it stays shining and smooth long into its life.

Cooking Settings

With the most elements on our list, there are plenty of heating options. Your cooktop can help you sear, boil and simmer. So you’re heating your food how it should be.
Safety Features

Hot surface indicator lights remind you of danger and keep your family safer.

What We Don’t Like

No Power Boil

Despite varied heat settings and controls, there is no specific power boil setting on this cooktop. Meaning it’s slightly more complicated to get your pasta or steam water boiling. If you do a lot of boiling, this might not be for you.

Knobs can be Fiddly

Reviewers note that knobs can be a little loose. So beware bumping into them. You don’t want to accidentally turn off your soup or burn the butter you were melting.

Requires Professional Installation

A layperson can’t install this cooktop, so you’ll have to hire an electrician.

Additional Specs

Weight29.8 pounds
Dimensions36 x 20 x 2 inches
Burner TypeN/A
Number of Burners5
Installation Typebuilt-in

Electric CookTop Comparison Chart

ProductWeightDimensionsBurner TypeNumber of BurnersInstallation TypeColor
GE Smoothtop Electric Cooktop37 pounds21.5 x 29.88 x 4.19 inchesradiant, electric4built-inblack
Karinear Electric Induction Cooker16.74 pounds20.47 x 23.23 x 2.05 inchesinfrared induction4built-inblack
Ramblewood 2 Burner Electric Cooktop13.64 pounds11.42 x 20 x 2.36 inchesN/A2built-inblack and stainless steel
Elite Cuisine Double Electric Burne5.99 pounds18.5 x 11.5 x 3.65 inchescast iron2counter-topblack
GE Downdraft Electric Cooktop45 pounds21 x 30 x 3 inchesradiant4built-inblack and stainless steel
Frigidaire 30 Inch Electric Cooktop35.2 pounds34.33 x 25.91 x 6.93 incheselectric4built-inblack
GASLAND Chef Electric Cooktop (CH90BS)29.8 pounds36 x 20 x 2 inchesN/A5built-inblack

Electric CookTops FAQs

induction cooktop

Which Electric Cooktop is More Energy Efficient?

Induction cooktop is the most energy efficient electric cooktop. According to a 2014 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, induction cooktops transfer up to 90% of the energy to heating the food. Other electric cooktops have lower efficiency. Gas cooktops are typically much lower, at around 40%.

How Long Do Electric Cooktops Last?

Electric cooktops last on average, between 12 and 15 years. Reviewers note that they can work for 20 years, but it will depend on use and care.

How to Install Electric Cooktops?

The main steps are to grab a couple of screw-drivers and turn off the electricity. Then you measure twice to be sure you’ve got the right size, place it in, and connect the electric conduits.

But please – watch this for more detailed instructions, so you know you’re doing it right.

Let’s Get Cooking

Finding the best electric cooktop for your kitchen is an overwhelming process.

Gas cooktops can be hard to clean and cook inconsistently. They also present dangerous hazards to your house. Electric cooktops keep steady heat and have wipeable glass tops. Plus, by using electricity, they can significantly reduce safety risks.

You need to consider a few factors in your shopping. What are your space and burner element needs? Do you want extra safety features to help keep your kitchen accident-free? What kind of budget do you have for the cooktop, its installation, and upkeep?

Ponder these questions, or ask us more in a comment here! And if this article helped you, please share it with your networks!

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