Best Portable Electric Burners of 2023

By Heloise Blause Updated February 4, 2022

Power up and cook anywhere you like

Best Portable Electric Burners of 2023

Portable electric burners are an inexpensive solution to a key problem lots of us face today. Not enough space in our kitchen, and not enough room for cookware on our electric stoves!

As long as there’s an electrical outlet, these burners can be used anywhere. You can cook with them on your kitchen island, in the garden, and in your RV or on holiday. They’re compact, saving you space, and easy to transport. And as an extra to your regular stove, you’ll be able to cook in large quantities.

Here we’ll cover why you should be using a portable electric stove and what to look for when buying one. And we’ll then take you through the best burners on the market.

You can compare brands, size, power output, and controls before deciding which is best for your kitchen.

Our Top Picks

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Best Portable Electric Stoves of 2023
CUSIMAX Electric Hot Plate for Cooking Portable Single Burner 1500W Cast Iron hot plates Heat-up in Seconds Adjustable Temperature Control Stainless Steel Non-Slip Rubber Feet Upgraded Version B101Best Overall

CUSIMAX Portable Hot Plate

CUSIMAX Electric Hot Plate for Cooking Portable Single Burner 1500W Cast Iron hot plates Heat-up in Seconds Adjustable Temperature Control Stainless Steel Non-Slip Rubber Feet Upgraded Version B101

  • Rubber Feet.

  • Heats Quickly.

  • Versatile.

IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner 1100-Watts, BlackBest Budget

IMUSA Electric Single Burner

IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner 1100-Watts, Black

  • Lightweight.

  • Value for Money.

  • Brand.

Broil King PCR-1B Professional Cast Iron Range, BlackBest With High-Power

Broil King Professional Cast Iron Range

Broil King PCR-1B Professional Cast Iron Range, Black

  • Great for Canning.

  • Even Heat Distribution.

  • Easy Storage.

Hot Plate, Techwood 1800W Electric Dual Hot Plate, Countertop Stove Double Burner for Cooking, Infrared Ceramic Hot Plates Double Cooktop, Silver, Brushed Stainless Steel Easy To Clean Upgraded VersionBest Double

Techwood Countertop Stove Double Burner

Hot Plate, Techwood 1800W Electric Dual Hot Plate, Countertop Stove Double Burner for Cooking, Infrared Ceramic Hot Plates Double Cooktop, Silver, Brushed Stainless Steel Easy To Clean Upgraded Version

  • Good Warranty.

  • Easy to Clean.

  • Stylish.

OVENTE Electric Single Infrared Burner 7.5 Inch Ceramic Glass Hot Plate Cooktop, 6 Level Temperature Controls and Easy to Clean Stainless Steel Base, Compact Stove for Home or Dorm, Silver BGI201SBest Infrared

Ovente Electric Single Infrared Burner

OVENTE Electric Single Infrared Burner 7.5 Inch Ceramic Glass Hot Plate Cooktop, 6 Level Temperature Controls and Easy to Clean Stainless Steel Base, Compact Stove for Home or Dorm, Silver BGI201S

  • Great Temperature Control.

  • Easy to Maneuver.

  • Cost.

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Gold 8100MC/BT-180G3Best Induction Burner

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner, Gold 8100MC/BT-180G3

  • Cools Quickly.

  • Handy Timer.

  • Doesn’t Heat Room.

Cadco CSR-3T Countertop Hi-Power Single 120-Volt Hot PlateBest Commercial-grade

Cadco CSR-3T Countertop Hot Plate

Cadco CSR-3T Countertop Hi-Power Single 120-Volt Hot Plate

  • Durable.

  • Unit Remains Cool.

  • Big Capacity.

Why Use A Portable Electric Stove?

Portable electric stoves have many benefits. They give you the benefits of cooking with electricity. But with the added portability.

So you can take your stove and cook with it anywhere, such as

  • On your RV or boat
  • On a camping trip
  • Outdoors as part of a meal or barbecue
  • On vacation – it’ll fit in your suitcase
  • In your dorm room or Air BnB if you’ve moved away from family
  • In your house whilst your kitchen is being remodeled

Plus, a portable stove won’t take up much space if you have a small kitchen. And if you’re wanting to create space in your home, this small kitchen appliance will free up room for you.

Also, if you like to batch cook soups/sauces or can foods, this sort of burner would be a great addition to your kitchen. If you host parties or big barbecues, a single or double-burner stove would help you out. Plus, it can keep food warm whilst you cook other dishes.

It’s really easy to use and move a portable electric cooktop. Just plug it in and select the temperature or power level you need.

Finally, most portable stoves are not expensive. They usually cost around $50, and there are no installation costs to pay.

How Does An Electric Burner Work?

An electric stove works without an open flame. It’s plugged into a power source, so it has an electric current. This current then activates the heating element inside the stove.

Some electric burners have a glass or ceramic top. Here, the heating element is hidden underneath this smooth surface. Heat flows from the element to the surface, which then transfers to your cookware. We call this “radiant heat”, which tends to be confined to just the burner part.

Other types of electric stoves have coils as heating elements. Once switched on, the coils transfer the heat directly to the pot or pan on the burner.

Electric burners with coils can get hot everywhere, and not just on the burner surface. And they can be harder to clean than ceramic or glass-topped burners. But, compared to radiant heat burners, they are usually cheaper. And you can access the heating element easier than you can with a burner that has a smooth surface(1).

Finally, the last type of electric burner is induction stoves. Here, heat is transferred directly to your pot or pan thanks to a magnetic field. So with these burners, the cooktop surface doesn’t get hot.


What To Look For When Choosing The Best Portable Electric Burner

Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a portable electric burner for your home.

burner icon



There are 2 main types of burner:

  • Coiled top: see this Elite Gourmet as an example.
  • Flat top: see this Ovente as an example. Induction burners are a subset of this type.

Flat cooktops are made of cast iron or a smooth ceramic or glass. Glass surfaces work by either infrared or induction technology. Remember, if you pick an induction burner, you will need induction compatible pots.
Another thing to consider is that coil burners are cheaper. So they’re a great choice if you’re a student. But they can be difficult to clean.

Flat burners are more expensive, but generally provide a sturdier surface to cook on. They’re a good addition to your kitchen if you need extra cooking surface.


Think about what you’ll use your stove for to decide how many burners you need.

Portable electric stoves have either one single burner or two. If you live on your own, in an RV, or want a burner for your dorm room, one single burner is probably sufficient. And will take up less space.

You might want two burners if you host big parties, or like to batch cook large quantities.


Check to see whether the cookware you already have matches the size of the burner. The base of your pans should be as big as the cooking surface. If your pans are too small, it won’t detect them and so won’t heat up. Too big, and you won’t get efficient cooking.

If you’re investing in a double burner, look at the size of each single burner. They may be different – so this may impact your decision to buy a double burner.

weight icon


Consider what you’ll be using your portable electric stove for. If it’s staying largely at home, weight might not be an issue. But if you go camping or traveling, you’ll want to look at a lightweight stove.

Of course, a stove with one single burner will weigh less than one with two. And depending on the design and brand, these products can vary a lot in weight.

For example, this Black + Decker Single Burner weighs just 2.2 pounds. But this Cusimax Double Burner weighs 9.2 pounds.

wattage icon


The wattage of a portable electric stove will determine how powerful it is. So again, you need to think about what you’ll be using it for. Most hot plates will have different power levels. Induction burners tend to have a more fixed and limited wattage range.

Standard wattage is 1800W. But as you’ll see below, the wattage range in electric burners can range from 1000W upwards. And in double burner stoves, the wattage is split between the two burners so they have a maximum of 900W each.

induction cooker icon


Don’t expect fancy controls when it comes to portable stoves. Most offer a simple design for their temperature control function.

But if you want a more sophisticated control over your burner, you could consider induction cooktops. These often come with LED displays, timers, and other features such as keep warm or auto pan detection.

money icon


Think about what you can afford to pay. As we’ve said, most portable electric stoves are not expensive.

This Cast-Iron Single Burner from Cuisinart is around $59. But other brands and ranges can cost more. Especially if it’s a double burner like this Ceramic Electric Hot Plate from Cusimax which costs around $93.

warranty icon


Check the manufacturer’s website for their warranty details before buying. Different brands offer different terms. And you might need your warranty if there’s something wrong with your stove and you want a refund or replacement.

Duxtop offers a 2-year warranty, whereas Elite Gourmet provides a 1-year guarantee. And most brands protect against defects in the material or construction. But you won’t be covered for misusing or dropping your stove. Or for general wear and tear.

brand icon


Consider the different brands and what they offer when choosing the right portable electric burner for you. The best-selling and highly-reviewed ones are:

  • Techwood
  • Black + Decker
  • Max Burton
  • Imusa
  • Cadco
  • Cuisinart
  • Ovente
  • Cusimax
  • Nuwave

The Best Portable Electric Stoves Of 2023

We’ve spent hours researching the best portable electric burners so you don’t have to. We’ve looked at the manufacturer’s specs, product details, and feedback from customers.

You’ll see how these 7 portable electric stoves compare in terms of cost, quality, wattage, and the capability and type of burner.

1. CUSIMAX Portable Hot Plate

Cusimax promises that your cooking troubles are “a piece of cake” for their portable stove. They say that the small size and easy cooking facility of their hot plate mean it can be used as an extra when you have a large party to feed. Or if you have a small kitchen area.

This electric stove works with all types of cookware. It has a high power setting of 1500W. But, with an impressive 7 power settings, you can use it for everything from keeping food warm to frying.

Finally, it’s built to last with a strong stainless steel body and a sturdy cast iron surface.

What We Like

Rubber Feet

Customers liked the non-slip rubber feet on this cast iron burner. They prevented the burner from moving around whilst cooking. So they knew it was safe to use anywhere.

Heats Quickly

Lots of users were impressed with how quickly their water or food heated up on this hot plate. This resulted in fast cooking. And it seemed to offer even heat distribution too.


This stove can be used with all types of cookware – stainless steel, aluminum, glass, and ceramic. So reviewers were happy that they could cook on it whatever the material of their pans.

What We Don’t Like

Temperature Knob

Some users weren’t happy with how flimsy the control knob felt. And that a slight knock to the knob could turn the unit on – there’s no click when it’s in the off position. They felt this could be dangerous around children.

Additional Specs

Number of Burners 1
Dimensions 11.6 x 7.8 x 2.7 inches
Power Level Range 1500W
Burner Diameter 7.4 inches
Surface Type Cast iron
Material Stainless steel
Load Capacity N/A
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2. IMUSA Electric Single Burner

Bag yourself a portable electric stove without breaking the bank. This compact burner is great if you’re a student who is on a budget but still wants to cook some home comforts in your dorm.

You can pick whether to buy it in black or silver. And there’s a double burner option if you need twice the space for your cooking.

You can use this portable stove anywhere indoors as well as outdoors. And it’s safe. A handy indicator light lets you know when it’s on.

What We Like


At just 1.9 pounds, users loved the lightness of this electric burner. It was super easy to carry it around. For those who like camping and have RVs, it was the perfect portable stove for their needs.

Value for Money

Customers said that this product does offer good value for money. For a small, portable electric stove you can use most types of cookware on it. And cook up decent-sized meals.


IMUSA is a leading ethnic houseware brand. It began in Colombia in 1934 and began the US side of its brand in 2006. So if you want traditional, quality cookware then this is a good pick.

What We Don’t Like

Short Cord

Several reviewers were disappointed with how short the cord was on this portable stove. Yes, you can use it anywhere, but you may need to invest in an extension lead for it too!

Additional Specs

Number of Burners 1
Dimensions 9.5 x 9.1 x 3.5 inches
Power Level Range 1100W
Burner Diameter 5.5 inches
Surface Type Aluminum coil
Material Stainless steel
Load Capacity N/A
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3. Broil King Professional Cast Iron Range

Solid, durable, and great power. This electric hot plate from Broil King offers all of this. It’s made from heavy-duty cast iron that lasts a long time. Plus, this stove is the best high-power as it is comparable to your fixed stovetops in the cooking power it offers.

It has a sleek, black design. And a compact square shape. So you’ll save counter space in your kitchen or RV.

The price is higher than some of the other options here. But we think it’s worth the investment for the quality and power it offers.

What We Like

Great for Canning

Lots of customers reported on how they’d used this hot plate for canning. And with great success! This was due to it being able to take pots up to 12 quarts and being very sturdy.

Even Heat Distribution

Several users said that this electric cooktop heated food evenly. And this was even with high temperature cooking. As the surface is made of cast iron, this stove can withstand high temperatures and offers an even distribution of heat.

Easy Storage

Customers like the small size of this single burner. It didn’t take up much room in their kitchen or RV. They found that it was small enough to leave out, but also easy to store in a cupboard when not being used.

What We Don’t Like

Slow to Heat

Cast iron is known for not heating up very quickly. And this was the downside of this portable stove for some. However, if you have the time and patience, it does offer the best power once up to temperature.

Additional Specs

Number of Burners 1
Dimensions 11.5 x 11.5 x 3 inches
Power Level Range 1500W
Burner Diameter 7.2 inches
Surface Type Cast iron
Material Cast iron
Load Capacity Up to 12-quart pots
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4. Techwood Countertop Stove Double Burner

A portable burner that has two burners and is also safe. This is Techwood’s product which they promise gives you the benefits of infrared cooking. But with no harm to your loved ones – the burner doesn’t produce any high-frequency electromagnetic radiation.

The stainless steel and high-quality glass surface are scratch-resistant. And the glass hot plate has thread circulation. This means it maintains heat well. So you get quick and efficient cooking and save money on energy costs.

Finally, you’ll like that you can cook with any type of cookware on it. And each burner has its own thermostatic knob. So you can fry fish on one, and warm a sauce on the second burner.

What We Like

Good Warranty

Compared to other portable stoves, this product has a long guarantee. Techwood offers 18 months on their warranty and states that their products are covered by the Product Liability Insurance of the US.

Easy to Clean

Many users commented on how easy it was to clean this double burner. Unlike some coil burners, there was nowhere for debris to fall. And the glass surface and stainless steel outer could be wiped down effortlessly.


Several customers liked the sleek design of this double burner stove. Compared to other portable electric stoves, they liked the brushed stainless steel style of this one and thought it looked stylish in their homes.

What We Don’t Like

Low Heating Power

Some reviewers found that this double burner didn’t heat up that quickly. And it didn’t heat up to as high a temperature as they’d like. So if you want to use it for, say, boiling water or cooking stir-frys, it might not be the best option for you.

Additional Specs

Number of Burners 2
Dimensions 23.1 x 9.3 x 3.1 inches
Power Level Range 1800W (900W per burner)
Burner Diameter 8.4 inches
Surface Type Infrared ceramic and black crystal glass
Material Stainless steel
Load Capacity N/A
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5. Ovente Electric Single Infrared Burner

Ovente aims to offer you a “hassle-free cooking experience”. Their single burner has infrared technology with a good power output of 1000W. And its smooth surface heats food evenly and quickly.

Once you’re finished cooking, it’s easy to clean this portable electric stove with just a damp cloth. And there’s also an option for you to purchase it as a double burner stovetop if you want more cooking capacity.

Lastly, Ovente offers a 1-year warranty. And their customer service is US-based if you do encounter any problems.

What We Like

Great Temperature Control

Many customers were impressed with the 6 temperature settings. They said that the heat was easy to control and remained consistent. Plus it cooled down relatively quickly once switched off.

Easy to Maneuver

Those users who like the outdoors found this to be one of the best infrared burners to add to their camping gear. At 2.6 pounds it’s light, slim, and easy to move around.


Customers thought this portable stovetop was priced well. They liked that they got infrared technology for a low price and in a compact burner that wasn’t bulky in their kitchen, RV, or dorm room.

What We Don’t Like

Not that Durable

Some users said that their infrared burner didn’t last that long. Not more than a few months in a lot of cases. This is perhaps a reflection of the price. But if you want a more durable portable electric stove, you might want to look elsewhere.

Additional Specs

Number of Burners 1
Dimensions 10.2 x 9.7 x 2.5 inches
Power Level Range 1000W
Burner Diameter 7.5 inches
Surface Type Ceramic glass
Material Stainless steel
Load Capacity Up to 11 pounds
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6. Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

Duxtop is an expert in induction cooktops. With this model, you’ll benefit from their expertise in induction cooking. And you’ll have a burner that you can use anywhere you like.

This stylish black and gold induction cooktop is compact. But its cooking power goes up to an impressive 1800W. And it has an LED display which is easy to read and understand.

Plus, if the burner doesn’t detect a pot or pan, it’ll automatically shut off after 60 seconds. So no need to worry about any accidents. Finally, you’ll get a 2-year warranty.

What We Like

Cools Quickly

Duxtop has designed its induction stove with a durable 7-blade fan. This means that the cooktop cools quickly after use. Many users were happy with this feature, which also gives the product a longer lifespan.

Handy Timer

Lots of reviewers loved the timer feature. This offers you 1-minute increments of up to 170 minutes. So you can leave your food cooking and get on with other chores. And no need to worry that you’ll overcook or burn it!

Doesn’t Heat Room

Customers were happy with how powerful this induction burner was, but that it didn’t heat up the room where they used it. So if you use it in a small kitchen, RV, or dorm, you don’t need to worry about getting too hot!

What We Don’t Like

Temperature Range Settings

Although there are 10 temperature ranges and 10 power level settings on this induction stove, some customers still found that they couldn’t quite get the heat right. They weren’t satisfied with the 40oF increments or that it could hold a constant temperature.

Additional Specs

Number of Burners 1
Dimensions 13 x 11.5 x 2.5 inches
Power Level Range 1800W
Burner Diameter 10.5 inches
Surface Type Black crystal glass
Material N/A
Load Capacity N/A
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7. Cadco CSR-3T Countertop Hot Plate

Don’t let the look of this electric hot plate put you off. Cadco’s cookware is made here in the US. The brand is well-known across hospitality settings, if not yet established as a household name.

This single burner offers a high power level of 1500W and a thermostat that enables you to control the heat. And there’s a power indicator light so you’ll always know when it’s on.

If you have large families to cater for, this is a good option for you as it can manage large pots and pans. Lastly, once it’s at your desired temperature, it retains its heat very well.

What We Like


Cadco’s hot plate is made of solid stainless steel. This material is designed to last. And users found that although it was a little more costly than other single burner stoves, it was worth the investment due to its durability.

Unit Remains Cool

Many users were happy with how cool the front and sides of the stove remained whilst cooking. So you don’t need to worry about burning yourself whilst using this burner.

Big Capacity

This product has a bigger burner and load capacity than most other portable electric stoves. Customers found that they could use it to cook big batches of sauces or soups, and for when they had canning to do.

What We Don’t Like


Compared to the other portable electric stoves we’ve looked at, this is not the most aesthetically pleasing. It’s bulky and has an industrial look to it. If you want something that looks more stylish, this is probably not the stove for you.

Additional Specs

Number of Burners 1
Dimensions 14 x 12.2 x 4.1 inches
Power Level Range 1500W
Burner Diameter 8 inches
Surface Type Coil
Material Stainless steel
Load Capacity Up to 15 pounds
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Portable Electric Burners Comparison Chart

CUSIMAX Portable Hot Plate111.6 x 7.8 x 2.7 inches1500W7.4 inchesCast ironStainless steelN/A
IMUSA Electric Single Burner 19.5 x 9.1 x 3.5 inches1100W5.5 inchesAluminum coilStainless steelN/A
Broil King Professional Cast Iron Range 111.5 x 11.5 x 3 inches1500W7.2 inchesCast ironCast ironUp to 12-quart pots
Techwood Countertop Stove Double Burner 223.1 x 9.3 x 3.1 inches1800W (900W per burner)8.4 inchesInfrared ceramic and black crystal glassCast ironN/A
Ovente Electric Single Infrared Burner110.2 x 9.7 x 2.5 inches1000W7.5 inchesCeramic glassStainless steelUp to 11 pounds
Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop113 x 11.5 x 2.5 inches1800W10.5 inchesBlack crystal glassN/AN/A
Cadco CSR-3T Countertop Hot Plate114 x 12.2 x 4.1 inches1500W8 inchesCoilStainless steelUp to 15 pounds

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FAQ about Electric Burners

Here we’ll answer the most common questions about electric burners.

fire flame icon

Do Electric Burners Boil Water Fast?

Yes, they do! And this is especially true if the burner has an induction cooktop.

Schott tested how fast different types of burners could boil 0.75 liters of water. They compared a gas range, an electric coil stovetop, and an induction cooktop.

The results were as follows:

  • Induction cooktop: just over 4 minutes
  • Electric coil stovetop: around 7 minutes
  • Gas range: around 8 minutes (2).

So induction stoves were the clear winner. But, gas was the slowest. So electric coil stoves boil water pretty quickly too.

skillet icon

What Shouldn't You Use On An Electric Burner?

Basically, expect bare cast iron on glass top stoves, you can use any type of cookware on an electric burner. And it doesn’t matter whether the burner has a coil or flat cooking surface.

On flat cast iron burners, you can cook with aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, or ceramic pots and pans.

But as mentioned, be careful if the burner has a glass surface. These can scratch easily so it’s best to avoid using bare cast iron skillets on this kind of stovetop.

And also remember, if your electric burner has an induction cooktop then you will need to use induction compatible cookware.

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Transform your Kitchen Space and Cooking Practices

Lots of us struggle to fit all the appliances we want into our kitchen. And to fit all our pots and pans on the stove when cooking for family and friends.

Portable electric burners can free up precious space and give you a flexible cooking option. You can plug it in anywhere that is convenient for you and cook all your normal dishes. You’ll have more space. And you can take it on holiday, when you go camping, or loan it to those who have left for college.

You’ve seen what you need to consider when buying one of these stoves. And we’ve shown you the best burners that are available. So you can choose the right product for you based on the brand, weight, size, capacity, and power of each cooktop.

We’d love to hear your feedback below. And please share with your loved ones so they can benefit from our guide too!

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