Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor White Review

Do you want to know more about the Cuisinart Food Processor?

This article is dedicated to all of you cooking lovers who enjoy food-making without a huge mess.

It does everything for you: it chops, it slices; it even kneads dough. 

One of the most challenging parts of the food preparatory process has to be preparing ingredients. It can take you more time to get the ingredients ready, than to finalize the actual meal.

Chopping, slicing, mixing – it can all get really messy and take a lot of your precious time. The mess tends to get even bigger if you aren’t equipped with adequate food kitchenaid.

Even if your knives are satisfactory, there is always a possibility of an injury, both minor and major. A single moment of distraction can cost you a lot. Also, if you pay attention to esthetics, it can be rather difficult to cut everything in the same manner.

Why bother? Nowadays, there’s a device on the market for almost everything, especially in modern cooking world.

What you get is the desired outcome in a blink of an eye. So let’s go cooking !

Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor Features

Cuisinart food processor offers a 7-Cup work bowl capacity, so you can easily process a good quantity of ingredients at once. It has an extra-large feed chute with both large and small pushers.

What distinguishes it from your classic food processor is that it has two different blades. The first blade provides chopping and mixing, while the other blade mixes dough.

The 7-cup food processor has 2 stainless steel discs: one for slicing, and the other one for shredding and grating.

The slicing blade of the Cuisinart food processor offers detailed slicing of only 4mm thickness.

The Cuisinart 7-cup work bowl food processor preserves your health, as well as your time. When you choose this 7-cup food processor, you get a twofold protection of your health. Not only does it come with dishwasher safe parts, but it is also BPA-free (no chemicals in plastic parts).

Finally, your money is safe, too. With Cuisinart you get a 5-year limited warranty on motor, as well as limited 3-year warranty on unit.​

Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor Pros And Cons

One of the advantages of a product review over a user manual is that it offers a clearer picture. As there is no flaw-concealing, you can decide which side prevails.

​Therefore, here’s a table of Cuisinart food processor pros & cons:

  • Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor is versatile: offers chopping, slicing, grating, dough mixing
  • It has a 7-cup work bowl capacity
  • Cuisinart Food Processor has two different blades: for chopping & mixing, and the other for slicing
  • Cuisinart parts are dishwasher safe
  • Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor is BPA-free
  • This Food Processor is affordable
  • It is easy to clean, if you follow the user manual
  • Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor intended for use in USA and Canada only, due to electronic standards
  • It is not appropriate for processing a small amount of food
  • This Food Processor can’t slice all food items (cheese, for example)

As you can conclude from the statements above, there are definitely more advantages. This food processor purpose is extremely diverse, and the quality of the design is reliable. As long as the disadvantages aren’t a deal-breaker for you, Cuisinart food processor has a lot to offer.

Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor Specifications

Technical information can unveil many important details. For instance, the capacity must fulfill your expectations. If you are planning on working with a lot of ingredients at once, you’ll look for a big capacity. Speed and power can’t disappoint, being that the outcome depends on them.

Also, you want a versatile food processor which comes with useful accessories.

Let’s see if the Cuisinart food processor meets the criteria, and how different it is from your classic food processor.


This 7-cup food processor weighs approximately 16 pounds. Its dimensions are 7.00” x 11.25” x 14.50”, which matches its capacity.


You are working with a 7-cup work bowl, which is pretty handy. Instead of working with small amounts at first, you can place 7 cups of ingredients at once. Whether you are chopping or mixing, you can achieve the result you want in no time.

However, the 7-cup capacity stands for dry ingredients, and not liquids.

Once again, we stress the BPA-free characteristic of the Cuisinart food processor, equally as important as the capacity. No matter what a classic food processor offers, you wouldn’t want to risk your health.​


Since there are only 2 speed options, it will be that much easier for you to learn how to use it. This way, you won’t have your meal ruined as a result of pushing the wrong button.

The On button keeps the device at the same speed constantly. You will use this setting when you want an even result.

Preparing a meal for your baby? Using this setting will not fail you. You will get an even consistency and no unpleasant surprises. Don’t hesitate to use it for your own meals, as well. Cuisinart food processor is an ally on your way to good health.

What the Pulse button does is that it activates food processing in short temporal segments. This kind of food processing is meant for chopping mostly. You can start it and pause it as many times as you like, until you are satisfied with the result.​

Besides chopping, you will push the pulse button to control dough mixing. It all depends on your preference. It is safe to say that the second option provides you with more control over the process.


What a majority of classic food processors don’t have, but you get with this 7-cup food processor, is the dough-mixing feature. Only a powerful motor could perform such a demanding action, and the Cuisinart motor is of that kind.

The 600 watt food processor motor mixes dough so effortlessly, that it makes chopping and other tasks a piece of cake.

Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor Accessories And Attachments

Besides the user manual, what else accompanies this food processor?

Of course, a 7-cup food processor comes with a 7-cup work bowl, offering a pretty impressive capacity. It also comes with a lid assembly and an extra-large feed chute, as well as 2 feed chute pushers. A compact flat bowl cover is also added to the mix.

The most important parts, the blades, offer 2 different experiences. The first one will make chopping effortless and fun. The second blade will not fail to impress you when you decide to prepare a pizza or any other dough.

Besides chopping and mixing, you can slice your fruits and vegetables as thick or thin as you’d like. Also, shredding is definitely an option. Any of these processes will be extremely easy and safe with stainless steel discs.

For inspiration and insightful instruction, aside from reviews, you’ll be able to consult a book. Not only do you get a precise user manual, but a recipe book, as well. Find recipes which make your health a priority and start developing better habits. You will also come across illustrated instructions for a safer and fuller experience.

These accessories come for a price you pay for the food processor itself. However, if you’d like to upgrade it and add more features, there’s a solution.

Separately, you can order additional discs for different chopping manners. Also, for an easier storage, the assortment offers accessory boxes. These can be pretty useful, since keeping the discs out could be a threat to our health.​

Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor FAQs

This section will assess some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor. Sometimes, the user manual doesn’t cover all the potential doubts.

Thankfully, the Cuisinart user manual is thorough and straight-forward. This review section will focus on the most important questions this food processor user manual answers. The more you know about the device, the easier your shopping will be.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to FAQs.

​How To Assemble A Cuisinart Food Processor?

Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor is assembled rather easily, in a few simple steps.

For chopping and pureeing, put the base on the counter so that the nameplate is facing you. Then pick up the work bowl, with handle facing you, and place it on base with handle (at about 7 o’clock). Finally, turn the work bowl counterclockwise until you hear a click.

For slicing and shredding lock bowl into place in the same manner as mentioned above. Then place the disc, cutting side down, on a flat surface, holding it down with one hand. Make sure that the symbols on the disc match the ones on the stem. Finally, turn the stem clock-wise.

Place the metal blade on top of the hub. Put cover on work bowl, and then turn counterclockwise. After you do so, follow the user manual step-by-step, depending on which feature you want to use. The illustrations will lead you through the process of assembling.

As a beginner, practice before making food you’ll actually be eating. Use the pulse speed to get a sense of how the device works. This way you’ll avoid over-processing the food.

How To Lock Cuisinart Food Processor?​

As with any classical food processor, put your health and security first. Chopping and other dangerous actions of the device can be very threatening. Therefore, make sure that you lock the device before starting the processing.

To lock the bowl, turn it counterclockwise until it clicks. Once you hear a click, it’s secure and ready for chopping, mixing, etc. When using a cover on top of the work bowl, turn the cover counterclockwise until it fits.

When using the pusher assembly, use the Slide Lock (to the right to lock, to the left to unlock). If you’re holding the pusher, make sure that the white Slide Lock is facing towards you. Then, slide the pusher over the feed tube and push the locking tab down until you hear a click.​

How To Use Cuisinart Food Processor?

First of all, religiously follow the instructions above regarding the assembling and locking. Before you start making any presentable meals, practice on real ingredients a couple of times. It will give you a sense of security.

For different results, use the two power settings. Use the On setting for sauce-like result, and the Pulse for chopping and such.

The food processor user manual will give you precise instructions, as well as ideas for different meals.

How To Clean Cuisinart Food Processor?

You can wash all the parts, except the motor base, in the dishwasher. When inserting the bowl into the dishwasher, turn it upside down. For an easier cleaning, rinse the bowl, the cover, the pusher assembly, as well as the blade or disc immediately.

Use a bottle brush or running water if food lodges. The blades and discs can be dangerous, so be very cautious if you wash them by hand. You can clean the surface and the rubber feet with a sponge and adequate spot removers.

Hygiene is an important factor for your health, so make sure to clean frequently.

Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor Reviews & Ratings

To wrap up this Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor review, w’ll go through relevant ratings and online reviews.

With a rate of 4.5 out of 5, the Cuisinart food processor has a remarkable reputation.

Most of the Amazon reviews praise the size, which seems to be the decisive factor. Also, customers are satisfied with the power of the food processor, since it is “surprisingly quiet”.

A great number of customers are surprised with the performance of Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor after many years. One of them has been using the Cuisinart food processor for 28 years.

As for the negative comments, the ones we find reasonable concern the electronic standards. Just like we mentioned in the Pros & Cons section, this may be an issue. Users outside of US and Canada have trouble with the device, since it’s customized for their electronic standards.

An overall impression is definitely on the positive side.

Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor Conclusion

How many times do you find yourself overwhelmed with chopping vegetables?

No matter how hard you try, you never get the right shape. The pieces for your salad aren’t even. The meal for your baby isn’t as compact as you want it to be. You’re an expert for chopping and slicing, but in a hurry you tend to hurt yourself?

How often do you wish you could do something to improve your health? You want to eat better, but you don’t have enough time to prepare your food. In these situations, you put your time before your health. The lack of time makes it hard to break the bad habits.

Save yourself some time and focus more on your health by choosing the Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor.

This way, you’ll be out of excuses. Also, you’ll find yourself enjoying the food preparation. You, as well as your family, will feel the difference. Making a quick cookie dough, or a tasty pasta sauce will become more of a routine.

Do you own a food processor? If so, how satisfied are you with it? Does it fail you in certain situations? Make sure to share your impressions, as well as cleaning tips on Cuisinart DLC 10S Pro Classic 7 Cup Food Processor. The comment section is all yours.

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