The Ultimate Cooking & Resource Guide for Everyone

By Heloise Blause Updated November 6, 2020

Easy fixes, hacks, cooking resources, and tools for a great cooking experience.

“Cooking is like snow skiing: If you don’t fall at least ten times, then you’re not skiing hard enough.” The words of Guy Fieri are enlightening for anyone wishing to become a great at-home-chef or those aspiring to this career.

Cooking is about evolution, and like with any skill and talent, you need nourishment and discipline. These values will make you more experienced and perfect your craft as you grow. Throughout the process, you’ll make mistakes, and even want to throw away an entire casserole preparation out of frustration (try to avoid this). Hey, it happens to anyone. No worries, we’ll teach you how to avoid this throughout this complete cooking and resource guide.

Cooking is frequently described as an art form. It’s essential to view cooking not as a task, but instead as a wonderful craft which requires (and teaches) the value of practice and patience for the best results. Like any other craft, cooking is a learning process that grows through the experts’ feedback, many times through research and humility.

Throughout this cooking and resource guide, we will help anyone interested in cooking learn how the ropes and find the right resources. From the necessary tools to easy hacks, to the books you’ll want to read. Whether you’re an amateur in the kitchen or an experienced home chef, you’ll surely find some of these tips and resources valuable to put into practice in your own kitchen. Let’s take it all in, shall we?

Some of the Mistakes You’re Making While Cooking Today

Some of the Mistakes You’re Making While Cooking TodayLike we mentioned, cooking is a learning experience. Falling down only means you need to get back up and try again. While cooking, we’re either on the run, thinking about errands we need to take care of the next day, whipping up the first thing we can think of, etc. It happens to anyone running a kitchen.

To avoid mistakes, stay as mindful and present throughout the process.

15 mistakes you’re might be making and how to solve them:

The Ultimate List of Cookbooks for Beginners

 List of Cookbooks for BeginnersAlright, so we’ve gone through a quick list of common kitchen mistakes most of us have made and luckily, learned from. Now, it’s time we get you the resources you need to move forward: Cookbooks.

There’s a reason why cookbooks remain popular in paper format and not digital or e-reader formats. It’s simply because there’s something so magical about opening up your first cookbook, a cookbook that’s been sitting at home gathering dust, even one that you’ve inherited! It’s a feeling you never get when googling a recipe! Just setting it on your counter and going through the pages is sublime.

So, for old time’s sake, here’s a list of our favorite cookbooks for beginners:

1. For Those Just Learning How to Cook

For Those Just Learning How to Cook

2. Vegetable-friendly Cookbooks

Vegetable-friendly Cookbooks

3. For the Bakers at Heart

For the Bakers at Heart

List of Essential Kitchen Tools

List of Essential Kitchen ToolsAfter purchasing some of your favorite cookbooks to start creating some delicious meals and desserts, you might want to stock up on essential kitchen tools.

Because, of course, you’re going to need the right utility to create just like a painter needs their brushes, you need some stuff too.

Home Chef Cooking Hacks

Home Chef Cooking HacksFinally, let’s take a look at some cool cooking hacks to put your tools, your newly acquired knowledge, and cooking inspiration into practice and creating some stunning and delicious dishes.

You’re Ready to Cook up a Storm of Goodness

If you’ve made it this far in this ultimate cooking & resource guide, you now count on the knowledge and, most importantly, the resources, to start cooking some delicious food. Remember, cooking is an art form that requires diligence, discipline, and creativity. Sure, mistakes will be made, but there’s always a fix. Don’t let frustration ruin your cooking moment; let the mistakes happen and learn from them. Happy cooking!

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