Deep Fryer vs. Air Fryer: Which Is Best?

When talking about deep fryers vs air fryers, there’re quite a number of differences to mention. At first, these two may seem similar, but there’re definitely some crucial differences.

Everyone loves some kind of fried food, whether is French fries or chicken wings. Of course, often eating fried food at restaurants is quite expensive. Also, most of those restaurants don’t really care about changing the oil regularly which is unhealthy.

On another hand, air frying requires very little or no oil at all. If you love fried food and you want to know all the differences and similarities between deep fryers and air fryers, keep reading.

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Deep Fryers Vs Air Fryers: Features

When it comes to features of deep fryers and air fryers, they can definitely make or break the deal for most people.

Since the topic for today is deep fryers vs air fryers, it’s important to note that both type share similar features. Comparing one to other, it’s easy to see the similarities in adjustable temperature, digital screens, safety features, etc.

The fryer featuring temperature control, automatic shut-off, timer and a ready light is what we consider a good fryer. Of course, most fryers feature as much, but the more features, the better.

Power XL Air Fryer

One of the best air fryers, in our opinion, is Power XL Air Fryer. It features digital one-touch panel to make cooking extra easy.

Of course, if you’re looking for convenience and time saving, you should consider an air fryer. More precisely, air fryers don’t require a lot of oil so you don’t have to spend time to preheat oil prior to frying.

Look for an air fryer that features a timer and digital touch operation since they’re the most helpful features an air fryer has.

Also, make sure to look for an air fryer with dishwasher safe parts. This feature makes cleaning and overall using much easier.

T-Fal FZ7002 Actifry Low-Fat Multi-Cooker

T-Fal FZ7002 ActiFry low-fat multi-cooker features removable ceramic-coated non-stick pan that makes cleaning a breeze.

When it comes to best deep fryers, they come with quite impressive list of features, too. In our opinion, the most important feature to look for in a deep fryer is odor control.

No doubt, fried food has that smell while cooking, however it leaves a strong smell behind that’s really hard to get rid of.

Charcoal filter is something you shouldn’t refuse if you’re buying a deep fryer. Also, cleaning a deep fryer is a little tricky since there’s a lot of oil stains.

Therefore, look for a spout for oil pouring and a removable container. Another thing to pay attention to when looking for a deep fryer is its safety features.

In addition, there’s many other features that come handy when it comes to deep fryers and air fryers. For example, safety features are something to pay close attention to, especially if you choose a deep fryer.

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Because it works with hot oil, make sure it has a thermostat that’s adjustable. Also, safety features like cool-to-touch handles and sides are a big plus. Some fryers come with a window on the lid that allows you to watch over your cooking process.

Also, digital timer makes the frying process much easier. If you’re looking to save time and prepare food as quickly as possible, look for a powerful unit.

Hamilton Beach 35034 Professional-Style Deep Fryer

For example, Hamilton Beach 35034 Professional-Style deep fryer is one of the best deep fryers on the market feature wise.

It’s large in capacity, and it features adjustable thermostat, audible tone, viewing window, power and ready lights, 3 baskets, etc.

Obviously, it’s easy to understand how this list of features makes frying process easier. Finally, a good set of features make frying a breeze, even if you’re a beginner in frying food.

Deep Fryers Vs Air Fryers: Healthiness

First of all, let’s talk a little about fried food. It’s well known that deep fried food isn’t the healthiest food. Deep fryers require gallons of oil to achieve that texture and taste we all love. Simply, you lower your food in a lot of oil for the certain amount of time.

Logically, any food prepared in a lot of oil isn’t the healthiest option for everyday meals. On another hand, air fryers operate with circulating hot air. The most oil you’dneed to air fry is a tablespoon. Also, some foods can be air fried without any oil at all, which is great if your aim is to eat healthy.

With that being said, it’s easy to understand why air fryer for sure is a healthier option. Although the taste comes near the taste of deep fried food, it’s still somewhat different. If you want to change your diet but still enjoy fried food, air frying is definitely worth trying out.

Rapid Air Technology

A good air fryer is, in our opinion, the one that uses Rapid Air Technology. This technology is innovative and allows you to use up to 70% less oil in frying food. For example, Philips Air Fryer is one of the best air fryers that operate with Rapid Air Technology. Simply, hot air circulates around and throughout food to cook it evenly and quickly. Of course, the result is crispy and delicious oil-less fried food.

However, if you prefer deep fried food, note that it’s not something you should enjoy every day. As we said, deep fried food requires a lot of oil to prepare which isn’t that healthy for you.

Of course, every now and then, we all love some deep fried hot chicken wings or French fries, but make sure you don’t eat them too often. If you’re looking to buy any deep fryer, make sure to clean it after every use, as well as to change the cooking oil when needed.

Von Shef Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

More precisely, using same oil repeatedly is unhealthy, so make sure you’re changing it regularly. One of the best deep fryers on the market is Von Shef Stainless Steel deep fryer. It’s very easy to clean as all removable parts are dishwasher safe.

Whatever you decide for, frying food at home is much healthier than going to a fast food restaurant. More precisely, this way you have a full insight of how your food has been prepared and that’s very important.

Paying attention to the ingredients and food preparation is crucial in a healthy diet. Therefore, choosing to fry food at home is always better than going out to eat.

Finally, when it comes to healthiness in deep fryers vs air fryers, we must admit air fryers take the prize this time. Simply, food prepared in an air fryer is much healthier than the one prepared in a deep fryer.

As we said, air fryers require very little to no oil, which is much healthier than frying in deep oil. Also, the taste of air fried food comes near enough to the delicious taste of deep fried food. If you’re interested in changing your lifestyle and eating healthier food without giving up the delightful fried food, air fryers make it possible.

Deep Fryers Vs Air Fryers: Cooking Capacity And Size

Normally, counter and storage space are precious in most kitchens. Unless your kitchen is large enough not to worry about sizes of different appliances, you want to think about this topic. When comparing deep fryers and air fryers, size is quite different.

Deep fryers are significantly larger, because they require large amounts of oil to fry food in. Obviously, all that oil must be stored somewhere, which is why deep fryers are bigger than air fryers. While air fryers are smaller than deep fryers for the opposite reason; because they don’t require large space to put oil in.

Therefore, if counter space is something you must pay attention to, you should definitely go for an air fryer. Although they’re smaller, air fryers can actually fit quite decent amount of food. There’re air fryers up to 2 pounds’ capacity, which is enough for a small family.

Of course, if you only want to occasionally fry some snacks, you’d be okay with a smaller air fryer. On another hand, if you’re looking to make actual meals in your air fryer, choose a model of larger capacity. Don’t be fooled, larger air fryers can fry anything from fries to whole chicken depending on their size and capacity.

When it comes to deep fryers, they’re quite bigger, going up to 12 cups capacity. Again, if you’re only looking to make snacks from time to time, choosing a smaller deep fryer is totally fine.

However, if you want to make decent full size meals, you must look for enough capacity. In most cases, deep fryers come with 2 large baskets, in addition of a smaller one as well. This is great for combination of different food and snacks that you can prepare at the same time.

Which One Should I Choose ?

Deep fryers are a better choice if you’re often making large family and friends gatherings. The reason for this is that at most times, deep fryers fry larger batches of food at the time. Therefore, you’re able to fry larger quantities of food in a single round.

In conclusion, deep fryers are larger than air fryers. In addition to thinking about what your frying needs are, think about how much counter space you have at your disposal.

Luckily, there’s a variety of sizes to choose from in both deep fryers and air fryers, so we’re sure you won’t have a problem finding the one that fits your kitchen the best. Both type of fryers offer different sizes and capacity to choose from based on your needs and personal preference.

Deep Fryers Vs Air Fryers: Reliability And Maintenance

Finally, when comparing deep fryers vs air fryers, maintenance, and reliability is something both types share. If you’re looking for a low maintenance unit, both deep fryers and air fryers don’t require much maintenance and are quite reliable. Also, both types last a decently long amount of time.

Therefore, both deep fryers and air fryers are a reliable investment that could last you a decently long time if used accordingly.

However, every house unit and appliance has its pros and cons. Regardless of how good a certain appliance is, there’s always going to be something about it that people don’t like. When it comes to deep fryers and air fryers, there’re some complaints about the reliability of these units and they’re mostly concerning all the plastic parts of both deep and air fryers.

Normally, plastic parts can break and wear off much easier than the rest of the unit. More so, when working with hot oil and hot air, plastic is probably the least preferable material. Even though, the plastic used to make deep fryers and air fryers is resistant to heat, it’s still plastic and it simply can’t perform as well as metal.

Nonetheless, when it comes to maintain your fryer, the most important is to clean it regularly, and check for any little signs of tear or wear. Whatever is the material the parts are made of, they all require proper care to insure the units long life.

Think About User Manuals

Make sure you’re using the fryer accordingly, following all the rules of use. Of course, any misuse can shorten the life of your deep or air fryer. Luckily, most fryers come with user manuals that explain the correct way to use the fryer. In this case, simply follow all the instructions to use and maintain the fryer.

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Cleaning an air fryer is a little easier than cleaning a deep fryer. Simply, deep fryer requires more oil, which is essentially harder to clean. In most cases, oil is supposed to be filtered and drained. Therefore, if you’re fine with a little more cleaning, and you have the time to do it, deep fryer is a good choice.

If however, you’re often busy and can’t commit to cleaning the fryer, you should consider an air fryer. Even though air fryers don’t use as much oil, they still need cleaning. Naturally, cleaning your fryer regularly is definitely one of the keys to extend its life. Still, any food parts and oil stains can clog parts of your fryer, which shortens its life.

Finally, just make sure you use the fryer accordingly. If you aren’t sure about anything, read the user manual for answers or call the customer service, as they’re most likely to help you. As long as you follow all the instruction and clean the unit, both deep fryers and air fryers are to last a long time.

Deep Fryers vs Air Fryers Conclusion

In conclusion, we hope we’ve helped you understand some of the differences between air and deep fryers. Normally, they both fry food, but in different ways and in different period. Still, the taste of fried food in both of these units is quite similar.

Of course, the differences exist and they’re quite big and important. Choosing between these two types of fryers isn’t easy and it can be overwhelming if you don’t research them very well. We hope now you understand how each of these types work, and it’s easier for you to decide on one of them.

Do you prefer deep frying or air frying? What’s your opinion on frying food at home? Have you tried frying food in an air or a deep fryer? Please let us know and feel free to comment in the section below.

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