Deep Fryer vs. Air Fryer: Which Is Best?

By Heloise Blause Updated February 10, 2021

Fried foods must be one of the top comfort foods for anyone! Just think of it: Chicken wings, french fries, vegetables, meats, and more. Yum.

Everything tastes better when it’s fried, we know that for a fact! And if you’re interested in making some of the best, crispiest fried foods, this probably means you need to invest in a good fryer. Whether a deep electric fryer or an air fryer, if you’re still not sure what to put your money on, we’ll help you figure it out.

If you can’t make up your mind, we’re here to help. We compiled the best information about deep dryers vs. air fryers and we’re here to make your life a bit simpler.

From the modern deep fryers with digital display features to the fancy air fryers which circulate air to dry foods and rumor has it, it is a much healthier way to cook fried foods – we’ve got you.


Why it Comes Down to These Two? Deep Fryers VS. Air Fryers

First because who doesn’t love crispy, crunchy, and delicious fried foods? The thing is, which one is going to be your ultimate pick between these two?

In terms of crunch, both of these give just any regular food delicious and amazing texture. However, the frying method is different. On one hand, you have the deep fryer which utilizes a dunking method into large amounts of oil, and on the other, air fryers coat food with fewer oils and blasts with immense amounts of hot air.

Then again, this decision will depend somewhat on your preferences. If you enjoy a great traditional dish of fried foods, then a deep fryer should definitely be your winner. But, if you’re trying to watch your calories and are looking for healthier ways to eat, you would go for an air fryer. And hey, you wouldn’t have to give up on the crispness or delicious texture. In this case, air fryer might be your best choice.

Air fryers are still new to the frying game, and some may still be wondering if air fryers are just as good their deep fryer counterparts – the fryers we all know and love. Nonetheless, if you’re really into healthy eating and are ready to let go of just a tiny bit of texture and flavor (compared to deep frying), invest in an air fryer.

Deep Fryers VS. Air Fryers

Whether you’re looking for any fryer, you’re most likely settled on the amount of money you can spend. You may have looked online for some of the features you’d like to have automatic controls, portability, as well as maintenance, reliability. You know how much you are willing to spend on all these features. All of the above might help you check down your options and end up choosing the right fryer for you.

General Differences

In terms of technology, both fryers share similarities, specifically in terms of adjustable temperatures, digital screens, and user-friendly controls. At this point, you should only be thinking about which one to choose and the best features you have your eyes on.

As a rule of thumb, you know that the higher the price tag on the fryer, the more features it will have. For instance, you can get your hands on a great fryer with automatic shut-off, and adjustable temperature controls, some are even available with cool cooking pre-settings so that you can stop guessing cooking times!

This will also depend on what type of chef you are. Whether you need a convenient fryer with tactile touch and a practical on/off switch, or if you get easily distracted and need a nice fryer with a buzzer and a digital countdown. Even some include recipe books for ideas!


air fryer healthiness

Let’s be honest – fryers are not a healthy cooking appliance to have. Due to this, you might be considering which fryer to get if you are considering calorie intake. More oil means more calories, yes, but also mouth-watering flavor and just a heavenly amount of crisp.

Traditional fryers work with large amounts of oil. Food is being dipped into it and removed once it’s done. Air fryers, on the other hand, don’t dunk food into massive amounts of hot oil. Even if it does include a basket to cook your food, air fryers will not cover it in the amounts of oil a traditional fryer does. These use small amounts of oil and blow hot air oven to cook food. If health is on your mind, you might want to consider an air fryer. As these use up to 70% less oil than traditional fryers.

If you’re counting calories, watching your weight, or want to reduce your fat consumption, an air fryer might be your best choice, my friend. However, you will be giving up some of the texture, tenderness, and moistness traditional fryers provide.

Capacity & Cook Time


Another factor you might want to consider is the capacity and cook times each of these differences in. In terms of cooking time, the air fryer cooks slower in comparison to a deep fryer, due to the heat the oil is in once the food is in it. Of course, depending on the food amount you want to fry, some deep fryers include small to big cooking baskets. Whereas with air fryers, they are very handy because you can reheat your fried food and prepare smaller portions.


Deep fryers are more affordable than air fryers. Air fryers are fairly new and are already available with some advanced features. Whereas with deep fryers, you can get a very basic one to a very techy one for just a few bucks of difference. With air fryers, you get the technology right off the bat.

If budget is your issue, rest assured you will benefit from both types of fryers whatever the price you end up paying. Because let’s be honest, reliability and low maintenance are two great aspects that come with both fryers, as well as you being able to conveniently make delicious fried foods. So yes, a fryer is a great investment.

Also, deep fryers are manufactured using cheaper components and materials. From the get-go, deep fryers retail from $50 to $250, while air fryers go from $100 to $250 or more. Of course, you can find either one for less, especially if it is more compact in size.

Air fryers, for instance, maybe pricier but remain to be a smart investment. Depending on the technology and size, is what will make the fryer cost more or less. For instance, you can get a great air fryer with Rapid Air technology for much faster and efficient cooking while still staying healthy.

A lot of air fryer clients spend a bit more on air fryers due to how well they are equipped and the features they include. From odor control to personalized programming, to countdowns and buzzers. But of course, if you’re on a tight budget, you can still get a bang for your buck with a more inexpensive air fryer. Be that as it may for an air or deep fryer model.

Reliability and Maintenance

If you’re someone who really wants to cook as hassle-free as possible, you’ll find both air and deep fryers to be pretty convenient. Both are long-lasting and depending on your budget, you can get a pretty good priced air fryer that can make some delicious crispy foods.

The most common complaint among clients of both fryer types is that plastic components oftentimes wear and tear. However, this does happen over time and with a steady amount of use. It will happen later than sooner.

Like with any appliance, you will need to maintain it by cleaning them out, checking for signs of wearing and tearing. Both types of fryers will also require you to drain or filter oil too.


If you ever used a deep fryer, you know there are some safety measures you need to take. For example, keeping a safe distance from the pot and the hot oil. This can even cause a fire if you’re not careful. As for air fryers, these devices are much safer. All foods are covered with a safe lid while they cook.

Multiple Uses

When investing in any kitchen appliance, you want it to be reliable and useful, but also, versatile. When it’s all these three things you know you’re getting good stuff for your money.

Air fryers are used to cook several different types of food and in different ways depending on the setting. You can bake, roast, fry, and grill. Whereas deep fryers just, well, deep fry. For some, this is all they need. A fryer that deep-fries. But others might be interested in the adaptability and versatility of the appliance.

Considerations When Purchasing a Deep Fryer

Sometimes, it all comes down to what considerations you need to have when buying either of the two options.

Take a look at other product reviews and shop for the best deep fryer available online.

Considerations When Purchasing an Air Fryer

Air fryers are amazing in a variety of ways, and you will most definitely find your perfect air fryer if you consider the following:

Final Verdict

It’s likely that you decide for the fryer that mostly fits your preferences, the way you cook, and you and your family’s palate. For instance, if you and your family really love fried foods and are looking to maintain healthiness in other areas of eating, and really want to enjoy the crispiness and oiliness of a deep fryer, go for it! However, if you’re looking for something a bit more versatile, healthy, and that will still fry your foods to perfection, maybe an air fryer is your winner.

Whichever you end up choosing, enjoy the fried goodness with friends and family!

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