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Our Philosophy

We created homekitchenland.com as a safe internet resort where our readers can always come for reliable advice on choosing kitchen appliances.

Therefore, we constantly research and review kitchen appliances to recommend to you the best ones. Our content is always based on sources we trust and rich personal experience.

Moreover, we love delicious cooking. Homekitchenland.com believes that you don’t have to compromise with the taste to eat right.

We always recommend kitchen appliances that come with innovative, green technology, guaranteeing healthier eating habits.

We love air fryers, natural materials, and energy-saving. Through our reviews and buying guides, we are bringing that into your home as well.

Our Content  

Homekitchenland.com focuses on both cooking and kitchen gadgets.

Here you’ll find well-researched, informative buying guides and product reviews.

This is why we’re constantly developing new recipes. All of our cooking tips are newbie-friendly.

Homekitchenland.com can be a starting point to a tastier life.

Why Following Us?

Every recommendation and advice on our site is deep-researched.

By double-checking every piece of information, we’re creating content you can rely on for making clever choices.

Homekitchenland.com offers nonbiased buying guides not focused on popular market trends, but on features that can improve the quality of every home-cooked meal. We also believe that you don’t have to break the budget to eat well.

Besides, our recipes are based on affordable ingredients that are easy to find.


Homekitchenland.com works closely with most qualified experts in respectable niches.

Every article we publish goes through the fact-checking and editing process where professionals keep a close eye on the information we present to our readers.

We also go back to our previous articles periodically and make sure everything is still reliable and up-to-date. Overtime in the business, we become somewhat of the experts ourselves.

Besides reaching professionals outside, homekitchenland.com has a strong base of on-team expert product reviewers, engineers, and analysts to ensure the most quality content.

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Editorial Team

Heloise Blause

Heloise Blause – Food lover & Founder at homekitchenland.com

Since always, I am passionate about food. I enjoy writing and want to share my passion and offer quality articles to my readers.
I worked for several years in a Parisian restaurant. I opened my restaurant in Nice right after this experience. Today, I write about all kinds of recipes but like mostly to cook bio & healthy recipes. I also love French pastries. On homekitchenland.com, I like to research, review, and compare kitchen appliances, write product reviews, and develop recipes.

Affiliate Disclosure 

While going through our articles, you’ll notice that homekitchenland.com participates in affiliate marketing programs, meaning that we make some commission on every product purchased through retailer’s links on our site.

Ultimately, we need to in order to keep things running smoothly. However, we never take part in a deal we don’t sincerely believe in.

Every product that we recommend is making it on a list after deep research of the features and fact-checking by our highly respected experts.

This way, homekitchenland.com keeps a high standard that lives independently from an affiliate program. Our readers come first and we only present reviewed products of high-quality we can always stand behind.

Editorial Reference 

As much as the part of our business is supported by affiliate programs, we keep the content influence-free. This means that we allow the sponsors can suggest or input some concept to the material, but they have no hold on the final result whatsoever.

Our articles need to fulfill high standards in the information they provide, accuracy, and quality. Every article made as a result of the partnership with a brand or manufacturer is clearly stated as such to the reader.

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